Improve The Legitimacy Of Your eCommerce Business

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In the world of eCommerce, trust is very vital. It is the biggest factor in determining if your business will succeed or not. With so many online sellers around, how can people trust your company to provide legitimate products/services? They’re worried you could be a scammer, so you have to make it painfully obvious that you can be trusted. 

This will involve trust signals on the front end of your business, which will be your website and online presence. But, you can also implement things once people have made orders that further prove your legitimacy. 

Let’s look at the best things to do: 

Secure your website

We’ll keep this short and simple: obtain an https SSL certificate for your website. This will secure it and prove to people that your website has a safe connection. Sites without https security will always be viewed as untrustrowthy. 

Improve your web design

The overall UI and design of your site can also work wonders for your authenticity. It should be modern and fluid, impressing all viewers that land on your site. At the same time, improving your general web design and user interface can have a positive knock-on effect that leads to the next point…

Work on good SEO

Search engine optimization is a smart way to get organic traffic to your online store. But, it also works wonders in terms of proving your legitimacy. Good SEO means you appear high on the search results pages. When your site is one of the first people see, it immediately makes them think you are trustworthy. Consumers are more likely to click on your site and trust you if you have good SEO compared to if you are lingering lower down the results. 

Generate Google reviews

Create a business page on Google for your website. In doing so, it lets you obtain reviews from current and previous customers. Focus on generating Google reviews as they will be seen by consumers when searching for your site. Naturally, the higher frequency of positive reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business will appear. Also, show these reviews on your website for anyone that didn’t see them on Google. 

Provide good packaging

If you are sending products to people, ensure you have excellent packaging. Don’t wrap things up in old plastic bags to save money; invest in getting some branded packaging! It makes your business look more legitimate, proving to your customers that you can be trusted. Simple ideas, like using pre-printed barcode labels, can also make a difference. If people see legitimate barcodes and shipping labels, it makes them feel more confident than if they saw handwritten labels on a scrap of paper taped to the packaging!

Work with good influencers

Lastly, you could take part in influencer marketing by sending products to famous people with big followings. This is also why the packaging is important as it is the influencer’s first interaction with your brand, which can affect their first impression. If someone with a big audience shares your products and talks about how good they are, it sends out major trust signals for consumers to see. 

Try all of these tactics if you’re struggling to build trust amongst customers in your online business.

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