Improve Your Online Security This Week

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Running an online business is difficult at the best of times; but during a global pandemic we have to up the ante when it comes to our digital presence and capabilities. From setting up your office at home to employing people remotely – there are many elements to consider and ways to make your business succeed during these times. 

Today we want to talk about some of the ways you can improve your online security this year even at home and ensure that your online business prevails. 

Install dedicated servers 

The first thing to consider when running a business at home and remotely is to have dedicated servers for your operations. Servers can be overloaded very easily with a lot of activity and when you have people accessing it from many different locations it can be difficult for it to cope. Install dedicated servers for your business and also ensure that your servers are protected and private to those in your business. Protect your assets and data and keep everything in one secure place. 

Choose better passwords 

One of the most important things you need to do as a small business owner is force your workers to choose strong passwords. There should be no names, birthdays, pet names or anything that can be easily guessed by hackers. Use a service such as LastPass to generate random passwords with lots of letters and numbers as well as special characters and make sure everyone has their own LastPass account where their details are stored securely. You can allow access to certain people in the business and ensure that only those who need passwords will have access to them. 

Choose authority levels 

As well as having authority levels with passwords for accounts, you can also have levels of access for documents and files such as accounting or employee details. These can be password protected and accessed only by those who NEED access. This is an essential thing to do because if you allow access to all company files for everyone who works for you, people could use this as a way to get to their coworkers and it can cause some serious problems. 

Reduce application usage 

Applications such as email, account management, CMS, CRM, photo editing and more are great for business. However, when opening yourself up to hackers these can all be dangerous as they put your information in places where they can be accessed. For example if Adobe was hacked and account details were stolen; your bank details could be taken and used. It is important to only sign up to applications you need, and once you finish using one – delete your account and details. 

Keep everything locked 

It is important to always lock your computer when you walk away from your desk. This is a practice that can be done in the office as well as at home to avoid people getting access to information they shouldn’t. 

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