Internet Marketing… Philosophical?

Many new clients we deal with realise that a lot of what we do is NOT DOCUMENTED anywhere – they have to do it because they have to TRUST this stuff works. THEN once they do it, they need to TEST and track using what I call Management By Metrics. That being said, it takes an open mind and a low uncertainty avoidance predisposition to even CONSIDER it. Its been well documented in the Entrepreneurial literature that success is directly proportional to the level of Uncertainty you are able to embrace.

Think about that.

This is especially true BECAUSE…

The Internet is full of technology.

Technology that keeps changing.

Technology that you cannot possibly totally understand.

Technology that you don’t need to learn but LEVERAGE.

I decided to blog about this because too many people think success on the Internet is about technology – it’s not. I contributed to this proof in my Ph.D. thesis and see anecdotal proof every single day.

Proof is in the top 5% of Internet Marketers who LEVERAGE technology rather than learn it and make MORE than the other 95% COMBINED – who often are grappling with terms like HTTP, PHP, HTML, JAVA…

That’s not where the money is…

The money is in the LEVERAGE and trusting stuff works.

Give this some thought as you ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. “What am I not doing on the Internet because I don’t think I understand how it works?” and
  2. “What can I do right now that I have been hesitating to do that I can TEST the results rather than try to learn how it works?”

I’ll be back in future blog posts to help you IMPLEMENT these ideas – stay tuned!

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