Internet Technical Mastery Event Day 2 On Today In Melbourne

As you know from yesterday’s post, I am in Melbourne at Internet Technical Mastery – A Platinum Program event that is not open to the public… It’s where I reveal the most powerful Internet tips, tricks and techniques like the one I will partially share with you right now.

It’s called you can scroll down to read my testimonial. It’s REAL people giving you REAL feedback on your site or blog.

But here’s the thing…

What feedback do you take and which one do you leave behind?

I’ve done about 10 of them so far – and about 25% of the suggestions would KILL my sales if I did what the reviewer was telling me to change. OWCH!

So how do you decipher what to take and what to leave?

That’s where I come in. At events like Internet Technical Mastery and our upcoming Exponential Internet and Business Building Bootcamp, I explain EXACTLY how to leverage a tool like this so it helps you get that breakthrough you need to be the ONE out of TWENTY who makes money on the Internet… is a fantastic service YOU MUST USE.

It’s just that if you want to be exponential, you need to know what to change and what NOT TO TOUCH!

Otherwise, every time you have someone new testing it, you’ll keep changing it back and forth, spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. is a powerful tool – just like a chainsaw. You need to know HOW to use it to get the outcome you want.

I recommend it to all my clients as an absolute MUST, no two ways about it.

You simply cannot afford not to do it.

BUT, as I said you have to be careful not to UNDO what’s working and there are simple ways to make sure that doesn’t happen and how that can be safely and methodically tested. Come to our Bootcamp or join one of our Membership Programs and I’ll make sure you avoid the mistakes most people make and do what the top 5% Internet Marketers are doing to make more than the other 95% combined.

This blog gives great value for FREE – imagine what I can teach you when you pay for the privilege of being in the room?!?! That is what successful know – the investment pays for itself 10 times over.

To put things in perspective – I took 3 ideas from ONE User Testing Review that increased my conversions by 12% that equates to more than $10,000 of ADDITIONAL NEW SALES of ONE product.

With another site, I incorporated 7 subtle changes that have already increased back-end sales by 8.5% and reduced unsubscribes by 13.4% in the first week of testing.

The challenge you have (we all have) is once again what to change and not change and WHY!

Understanding the WHY means that you can do 10, 20 or even 30 User Testing Reviews and know what to ignore and what to focus on.

How would you like to know the drop-dead-easy strategy I use to get EXPONENTIAL RESULTS INSTANTLY that most people would not think of?

Ask me at the next event and I’ll tell you! This ONE tactic means I get 200, 300% or even 500% more out of EACH User Testing Review than what others are doing!

Yeah I know – that’s a tease – a tease to get you to come to my Bootcamp where for 36 hours you’ll be flooded with tips like this… Want to focus ONLY on the Internet, attend the one-day Internet Millionaire Marketing Event.

4 Responses to “Internet Technical Mastery Event Day 2 On Today In Melbourne”

  • Hey Marc,

    I wanted to thank you for the Exponential Master Internet Program that I attended this weekend. Your Internet strategies, tips and the sharing of your expertise has given me confidence to understand and conceptualise many of the acronyms used within the IT Industry. One of the simple learnings you shared over the weekend which was the definition of stupidity, has provided me with a great anchor to ensure that my direction is deliberately focused and providing financial outcomes to create an awesome online business.

    You gotta be STUPID, if you are reading this message, and have not entered Marc’s program, that is, if you are serious about creating a busines that will set you FREE!

    Caylene Vincent

  • Hi Marc – Dave and I were totally blown away with the simple, practical and EXPONENTIAL strategies and ideas we got out of Internet Technical Mastery 2. Our website had only just gone up in the last few weeks and as far as we knew it was just fine. You really opened our eyes and we now know our NEXT BEST STEPS in getting our website to make us money and make life easier. We’ve been on to Google Docs and already have 36 of your ideas scheduled for implementation.

    Thanks again & looking forward to your next event,

  • Hi Marc,
    Thanks for another great event. In just two days you have filled my head with so many exponential internet marketing strategies that I can immediately implement into my specialised food safety business, that I could implement one a day and still be going in six months time. For me the starting point will be to exponentialise my blog, so that I can capitalise on the free traffic that it will bring, reducing my need for pay per click advertising. I am already on the first page for “HACCP Program” and “HACCP Programs”, so this one week end could be all that it takes to sky rocket me to #1. Hopefully “HACCP” will not be far behind in organic searches.

    Eat well. Eat safe!
    Gavin Buckett
    The Gourmet Guardian

  • Hi Marc
    Thanks for a great weekend well worth closing my business to learn Exponential things on Internet Technical Mastery. I realise my web site is not up to Exponential mindset yet but know I know what areas to work on to maximise its free trafic.

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