Internet Technical Mastery Event Day 1 On Today In Melbourne

I am in beautiful Melbourne for the second part of Internet Technical Mastery – a 4-day event split into two parts BECAUSE there is TOO much content to be delivered in one go… I am on stage right now explaining how:

  • You can get get real human feedback on your website pages for pennies on the dollar.
  • Create an on-going flow of visitors to your website for FREE, a flow that feeds on itself WITHOUT additional effort and management
  • How to get those visitors to buy MORE from you and opt-in to your list WITHOUT unsubscribing once they get their ‘joining gift’

Sorry to rub it in – but it’s a Platinum Program Event that’s not open to the public – but our annual Exponential Internet and Business Building Bootcamp is open to the public… Don’t miss out on it this year…

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  • Hey Marc

    Yes I’m here as well and I must say today was so full of high value Internet Marketing content that I decided not to go out to dinner with everyone but to stay in the hotel room and start implementing some of the great money making exponential marketing strategies you taught today.

    As I mentioned, I got at least $10,000 worth of value even though most people wouldn’t believe the little things you showed us could make such a big difference.

    Plus, I had a really great time, I love your zebra joke – I never thought it would end up in Madagascar 2!


  • Marc,

    it’s hard to actually describe just how much value you add in a single day. You really are the ultimate Exponential Internet Marketing Strategist. My head is just exploding with ideas about how to use these priceless Internet Technical Mastery pearls of wisdom within our own business.

    We haven’t been taking our website seriously up until now and that’s because I didn’t realise how it would make a difference to our bottom line results, not did I realise it was something I could get on top of this quickly.

    You have shown us tools and techniques that were helpful, but most of all, you explained the strategy behind them and how it all fits together.

    Your 1 Percent Improvement illustration really brought this home. Just do a little each day, only 1%, and the results at the end of a year a huge.


    Ray Keefe

  • Wow Marc, I am so fortunate to be a part of the Platinum Program which taps me into your Exponential Marketing Strategies. You see I can utilise some of these Internet Marketing Strategies in my Equine Directory, giving my clients the opportunity of tapping into Marc Dussault’s wealth of knowledge that he shares with his students. And that may be by them simply joining the program themselves!


    Caylene Vincent

  • Marc
    The Internet Technical Mastery weekend in Melbourne May 2nd and 3rd was just like everything else in your Platinum Program… Chock a block full of Exponential business building ideas!

    The number of leads generated through your ideas made April our best month so far this year with 58 new leads converted to sales!

    May looks good already with 20 new leads/Sales and its only the 7th!

    Can’t wait to keep fine tuning our website!

    We had better start looking for other plumbers to join our team…!

    Hi Ho Plunger Away!
    Dave Conroy

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