Linked In: How Not To Make a Request

I got this request from a Linked In connection and wanted to share it with you to show you how NOT to do this, if you want a response…

Linked In Request to Meet

Linked In Request to Meet

This is a very nice ‘traditional’ invitation, but it’s all about her – nothing about what she brings to the table. Unless she can answer two questions, there’s no meeting that will take place.

What’s in it for me and what’s in it for my clients/contacts?


  • She lived in a 100% green house that actually put electricity back into the power grid and wanted to share that with us – “I’m there”. I’d love to learn more strategies to be environmentally conscious.
  • She was a former Olympic Athlete who is still competing, I would be interested to learn tips and tricks to extend my athletic career and improve performance.
  • She has a blog or website that is making money in a specific niche, I’m interested to sit down, have a chat and learn what she’s tested that has worked and not worked.

I have no idea if she is any of these things, but I’m not going to meet with her just because she’s in Sydney – it doesn’t work that way – not in my world.

Your time is valuable – if you give it away to anyone who asks for it, no wonder you’re stressed out and overwhelmed…

Without getting on my soap box about value of time, this is about how NOT to ask for an invitation to meet on Linked In, if you want to meet people who are WORTH MEETING.

Anyone who answers this request is doing it for social reasons – not business, to think otherwise is fooling yourself. It’s no different than all those ‘meet and greet’ cocktails, breakfasts and lunches – the TIME spent going, attending and returning rarely, if ever, justifies it – UNLESS the presentation on its own is that good.

Interesting, but those networking ideas are for another day. This request came to me and before I deleted it, I thought I should share it with you.

In our Silver Membership Program, we teach you how to get MILLIONS of CONNECTIONS on Linked In, in a 5-part article series, we teach you how to optimise this amazing tool and how to leverage it properly. This is what NOT TO DO.

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Otherwise you’ll keep making the same mistake this person made – fly halfway around the world and NOT meet the best people that are there potentially able to meet with her.

Isn’t is worth $97/month to learn to stop making marketing mistakes like this?

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  • Hi Marc

    I believe that my Equine Membership could benefit from many of the simple tips and advise you provide on Exponential Marketing Strategies. I too as the leader of the Equine Directory have to practise them first, and lead as any leader should, by example. By my AUTHENTIC self FIRST!


    Caylene Vincent

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