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As you’ve come to expect from me and my blogs, I come at things from a different perspective and paradigm. My goal for my blogs is to be the catalyst for ideas that can help you grow your business. The Internet is an exponential tool that can help in countless ways. Today’s post is another example – using tools like Linked In Polls to gather valuable information.

It’s pretty self-explanatory and that’s OK.

Exponential Internet Marketing is not rocket science. It’s all about “doing stuff” that works and having the discipline to follow up and follow through.

Poll LinkedIn Use

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  • Hi Marc, thanks for sharing this.

    One thing I noticed is that more of the people polled use LinkedIn for networking than anything else. But it doesn’t give their reason or purpose for networking. It could be that they network to find prospects, alliances or a job. At first glance it looks like the people polled simply picked the most logical option – after all, at its core LinkedIn is a networking tool.

    Probably, the poll should simply ask: Why do you use LinkedIn as a networking tool? Is it to find prospects, locate alliance partners, find a job, participate in discussion, or other?

    That’s my two cents worth. I realize the point of the post wasn’t to critique the LinkedIn poll.

    But it was fun and I thank you for posting it.

    As always, your posts are interesting and though provoking.

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