Making Money While You Sleep… Bul_ _ _ _ _!

I thought I’d get this off my chest.. One of the things I HATE about my industry are all the charlatans and spruikers out there flogging Internet Marketing Programs that don’t work. “become the next eBay millionaire…”, “Information product millionaire…”, “make money while you sleep”…

You get the picture.

Spruikers – when they smell an opportunity – they jump on it like flies on _ _ _ _!

That’s the problem with the Internet – it IS Exponential, but only 5% of us make any money with it. The other 95% don’t. The 95% are chasing a dream, the rainbow with the pot of Gold that never materialises.

That’s one of the many reasons I no longer speak at FREE public multi-speaker events. The manipulative sales tactics used are horrendous and frankly disgust me. I remember the last time I stood on the same stage as some of these people – I had to go to my hotel room that night and take a long shower, that’s how slimy it felt. YUCCH!

I stepped off the stage and vowed to never do it again.

And I haven’t. That was almost 2 years ago.

I now focus uniquely on my clients – who pay $50,000 to $100,000+ to learn strategies that work. My strategies are so powerful that I GUARANTEE RESULTS

You’ll never hear those two words together on the multi-speaker stage!

You’ll hear money back guarantee shouted from stage – good thing too because often, more than half the orders in the back of the room are refunded!

So when I did step off the multi-speaker stage , there were quite a few of my own suspects and prospects who intended to come see me… eventually.

Well, that time is now. OR NEVER.

I am not planning any other events like the Exponential Extravaganza.

Frankly, it’s just too much trouble for what it’s worth. I’m financially independent and don’t have to do this hard anymore.

I’m opting for more direct approaches with WINNERS and HIGH ACHIEVERS who will find me via my multiple Pathways To Profits™.

So that’s what the situation is – I decided to give you, as my blog reader and/or subscriber, one last chance to come and test drive Exponential Mindset Strategies – at my cost.

Then that’s it. The FREE ride is over.

In fact, it may be over before it even starts. We are selling Premium Seats to the Exponential Extravaganza and if they fill up the room, there won’t be any FREE SEATS available – so you have a decision to make – reserve a FREE seat and hope there are seats available, or book in for $97 and make sure you get in.

How would you like to SELL OUT a FREE EVENT?!?!?

Come to the Exponential Extravaganza and I’ll show you how it’s done and how you can use the same strategies in YOUR BUSINESS or for your CAREER.

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