Marketing Mistake: Less Is More

Today’s exercise is the comparison of two YouTube videos. I’ll ask you to watch BOTH before you click on the Read More button that reveals WHAT the exponential difference is. This will take you 15 minutes, but it’s going to be well worth it. It’s an exercise that (1) You want to do in its entirety. If you cheat, the LESSON WILL BE LOST. (2) You want to set aside UNINTERRUPTED TIME to do this.

Here is the first video. Watch it from start to finish.

Here is the second video, watch it from start to finish.

Now, ONLY CLICK if you’ve watched BOTH versions.

Did you really watch both? If you did SCROLL DOWN to see what the exponential distinction is, otherwise go back and watch the videos now.

So tell me, which one do you think was more influential, engaging, moving and maybe even ‘scary’?

Right – the first one.


BECAUSE it leveraged perceptual distortion using your VIVID IMAGINATION whereas the second one didn’t. it removed ANY imagination by SHOWING you contrast and ONLY one view of what it could mean – ONE representation of a multi-faceted phenomenon.

* When you click on the wikipedia hyperlink above, there is NO page on this term – that is how cutting edge our strategies are…

The FIRST VIDEO is DIFFERENT every time you watch it. The second one is the SAME every time you watch it.

So what does this have to do with Internet Marketing?

Great question!

This is something I teach my clients in my programs – how to LEARN how this is done and IMPLEMENT it in YOUR campaigns and strategies to get extra-ordinary results by doing out-of-the-ordinary things.

It’s a concept that you’ve now witnessed for yourself – if you want to LEARN how to CREATE this level of influence and persuasion – go to our website and have a look at our products and programs. In line with this concept, I will just point you to the website so YOU can decide for yourself what your entry point might be.

Click here -> to evaluate our Exponential Internet Marketing Products, Programs and Events

We have a FULL range of products and services from $27 to $100,000 to choose from.

Don’t forget – SHIFT HAPPENS and if you’re not ahead of it, well… you’ll be left behind – far behind.


How can we be so far ahead of the curve on stuff like this? Well for starters, I have been speed reading for close to 20 years and now am a Quantum Reader. That means I read A LOT of books you probably would never know about or ever read. I learn very quickly and then distill this information in simple language so it’s accessible and easy to implement. I have multiple university degrees so I have a multi-level, multi-disciplinary, multi-framework approach to EVERYTHING that I do. I triangulate like multiple GPS satellites to LOCATE the most effective strategies and tactics for my clients I call this Twisting The Kube.

This is what I do on a FULL TIME BASIS. That’s what clients pay me up to $10,000/hour to do.

Yes $10,000 for one hour. That’s how financially lucrative these ideas can be.

BTW, the person who paid me $10,000 for one hour saved $60,000 in taxes within 3 months and MADE $500,000 in net capital gains in 3 years from what I told him. Good investment or bad investment?

I know stuff no one else knows – I’ve invested more than $150,000 in the very best programs and now stay at the CUTTING EDGE of business and the Internet so my clients can rely on my skills, expertise and experience without having to make the same investments I’ve made.

Want to join my ‘inner circle’? It’s called the Internet Mastery Platinum Program or Business Mastery Platinum Program and you can register to attend a 3-hour Boardroom Briefing <— by clicking on this hyperlink.

2 Responses to “Marketing Mistake: Less Is More”

  • WOW MAN THANKS that woke me up my issues seam trivial now, the ist one EXITES ME how do i intergrate this now oppotunity banging on my door. im a trades man (carpenter/builder)im not a uni student i,m still learning how to type on a key bourd HOW DO I INTERGRATE THIS INFORMATION into the building industry? speed is the NEW BIG! THANKYOU AGAIN MARC have a GREAT DAY, WOW AGAIN

  • After being at Internet Mastery learning Exponential Internet Marketing secrets this weekend, I now have an even better idea of perceptual distortion. Man you sure keep coming up with “STUFF” that most people would not have a clue about. Great to know you. You make me think, (shift happens) constantly twisting the cube of my mind WOW it’s exponential, Thanks Marc

    Julie Revell

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