Personalised Emails

According to a recent survey, personalised emails generated 42.7% more click-throughs on average to the web copy than non-personalised email.

Personalised emails generated 403% more sales on average than non-personalised emails.

Personalised emails generated 42.8% fewer un-subscribes on average than non-personalised emails.

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Email Personalisation is not new, the question is does it still work?

Should you expend the effort to personalize your emails?

You should TEST to see what happens. Surveys and reports are great to give you ideas, but you need to test the findings with YOUR suspects, prospects and clients.

Don’t just believe everything you read.

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  • Very interesting content. I am new in IM and a few weeks ago I started a blog where, with help of my mentor Marc Milburn, I help everyone who’s interested in setting up a successful internet business. I have a lot to learn and I will put your knowledge to good use.
    Thank you.

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