Promotional Guidelines

ClickBank, the #1 Information Product Marketplace on the Internet published their vendor promotional guidelines. They are so good that I thought you should have a look at them. If you follow these guidelines, it’s inevitable that your online sales will increase. The #1 obstacle you need to overcome online is TRUST.

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2 Responses to “Promotional Guidelines”

  • Interesting concepts that I am sure we can use with our clients who want to be reassured when they make their inquiries and purchase clean rooms. It’s a big decision and this would certainly add to our long-standing reputation in the industry. Thanks for sharing.

  • I totally agree with building trust online first before making a sale. Just like most people have been either burnt or smooched by the used car sales person at one point in their life, the Internet is no different there’s always a promise to fix something or a better way to do something else. So now more than ever there are so many options on the Internet trust is absolutely paramount. What can you teach me? how can you solve my problems, can I sample your information? then I might buy from you!

    Without trust there’s no way in hell you’ll survive online. Fortunately enough blogs help you do just that 🙂

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