SEO Tip: Linked In Recommendation Checklist

OK, while I have you here – start or keep giving recommendations to people on Linked In. If you haven’t done it yet – SHAME ON YOU!

Start GIVING them to clients so they will reciprocate and give YOU recommendations. Aim to give 1/day or /week when things are quiet. You’ll quickly start to see activity increase! Make sure when you accept the recommendations they give YOU, that the following are done. You’ll want to make these edits when you RESPOND to the Recommendation, not before. Consider it a mini-checklist.

SEO Tip: Linked In Recommendation Checklist

  1. Your name is spelled correctly.
  2. That your primary keywords are included – you might want to include your company name within the recommendation IF people search for it, otherwise it’s not critical that it be included.
  3. Don’t add too many words, just fine tune what they say – leave it in their voice/tone/syntax.
  4. Add specific keywords that you know people will be searching for.
  5. Fix any typos or gross grammatical errors, but leave the vernacular that gives it character.

That’s it – Keep It Simple Stupid works everytime.

If you know me and I know you, start by giving me a recommendation and I will reciprocate in kind. Sorry, I don’t give recommendations to strangers – only people I know. I believe Linked In‘s all about being truthful and honest. None of the strategies I teach are to be used for deceptive purposes. You only have ONE name and ONE reputation – guard it and protect it with your actions.

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