Shift Happens

We all know SHIFT HAPPENS. But wouldn’t it be nice to have 20/20 Foresight?

Consider these digital disruptions:*

  • The world’s largest taxi company owns no taxis (Uber)
  • The largest accommodation provider owns no real estate (AirBnB)
  • The biggest communication companies own no infrastructure (networks) (Skype, WeChat)
  • The most valuable retailer has no inventory or stores (Alibaba)
  • The most popular media owner creates no content (Facebook)
  • The fastest growing banks have no money (SocietyOne)
  • The world’s largest movie house owns no cinemas (Netflix)
  • The largest software vendors in the world don’t write their own apps (Apple and Google)

SHIFT HAPPENS … At an unprecedented rate. Click on the hyperlink to see how the world has changed just since 2006 when the video was created – SHOCKING!

* Thank you to Andrew Powell of Montreal, Canada for submitting this amazing list!

1 Response to “Shift Happens”

  • Yes, shift happens! For example, originally we specialised in on-site roll-out Colorbond steel cladding. Soon, we began to observe the serious limitations of working with steel so we switched to aluminium. Aluminium offers our customers MORE options including many technical, structural, colour, and design advantages. Thus today, we can confidently make the promise: “If you can envision it–we can Eclipse it!” Alex, Opening Roof Specialists

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