Should you check your email?

Today, email communication is a key driver for business success. First, I understand email overload, but I also know there are email management tips that work.

As I’ve mentioned before, poor email communication is one of my telltale signs of a problem with an entrepreneur and/or small business. I am not advocating that INSTANT responses are necessary – just that they be TIMELY.

Anecdotally, it’s crystal clear – if you struggle to manage your emails, you’re ineffective and inefficient in your time and/or priority management. Simple as that. If you’d like to get more done in less time, contact us.

As an alternative, use the flowchart below to determine if you should check your email.

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A big thank you to Bree Robbins, Top Dog at Queensland’s #1 Doggy Day Care, Paddington Pups for sending this to me, she knows I love cool stuff like this!

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  • Hi Marc

    that is a fantastically chaotic diagram. No wonder some of us get bogged down with emails.

    We finds a similar thing when it comes to developing a new Electronics Products. The most important things from an engineering perspective is to be clear about what you want. In general the technical solution to a problem is usually achieved, but market success depends on many other factors than just the design. Recent informaiton from the Victorian Centre for Innovation indicated that a new product’s success depended 2% on the engineering design 98% of the business model.

    One thing I am confident in is that our tam can tackle the Electronics Design part fo that equation.

    Thanks for sharing

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Casey Business of the Year 2010
    Industrial Electronics Future Award Winner 2011
    Award Winning Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development

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