Step By Step Explanation

This is a great example of how to explain something, step-by-step. A picture is worth a thousand words. Always, always Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.) especially when it comes to instructions and explanations.

Step By Step Explanation

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  • At the Gourmet Guardian, we find that a similar approach works with our HACCP Programs. We keep it as simple as we can. We make sure that we use the language of the operators to explain processes and use graphics like this to explain to management what we do.

    All tools that we learnt from being an Exponential Programs Platinum Program member.

    Keep up the great work Marc,

    Eat well. Eat safe!

    Gavin Buckett
    Founder and Managing Director
    The Gourmet Guardian Pty Ltd

  • Oz Cakes Peter Wilson

    Now that looks easier already..

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