Stop selling to increase your CTR

This is going to be a quick post, but nonetheless priceless in its effectiveness. STOP SELLING and you’ll increase your CTR and sales…

How to improve your CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

I was on e-mail with a colleague today with whom I am developing a powerful Host-Beneficiary Partnership. In summary, we’re creating value-creation assets that need a call to action. He was thinking of putting the ‘offer’ on the document – don’t.

People who GET value from a PDF case study, report or document will seek you out IF they got value, otherwise they won’t. Trying to SELL them in the first ‘conversation’ will backfire. They need to WANT to go to your link and self-select.

You only want pre-qualified traffic to come to your site, not everyone.

When you create a call to action, place it on a HIDDEN URL that you can update, something like or /specialoffer or /welcomegift.

That way, over the weeks, months and years that this document is ‘out there’ you can fine tune the landing page at that URL to optimise the conversions and opt-ins.

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  • Great tip!
    I have found myself doing what your colleague wanted to do, and I either got a luke warm response or none at all… Now by applying this tip I will be able to sell to the people who want to be there in the first place. And that, will be a much better result all-around.

    Thanks Marc!

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