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Copywriting Mistake To Avoid: Metaphor

At a recent Professional Mastery event called Unleash The Speaker Within, we discussed and explained the power of using metaphors when presenting in public. On the Internet, it’s equally if not more important BECAUSE the exchange you have with suspects, prospects and clients is usually TEXTUAL. The following metaphor mistake is important to avoid.

Copywriting Mistake To Avoid: Don’t mention the metaphor

Don’t mention a metaphor when you use one – that’s a copywriting sin. That’s like telling a punchline BEFORE the joke, it RUINS it. Instead start with and continue using the metaphor that YOU know is the thread of your message or your story to get the message across.

That’s it for today – sometimes the simplest, most straight forward distinction is the most powerful – don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

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Copywriting Mistake To Avoid: Headlines

Todays’ blog post is another copywriting mistake you want to avoid – making these headlines TOO complicated – stick to the BASICS – the headline is all about getting the reader to start reading the copy. For some reason, many people think they have to be long – they don’t – they have to be to the POINT.

The POINT is to create enough intrigue and interest for the reader  to want to keep reading – THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL.

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