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The 7 habits of highly annoying emailers

7 Habits Of Annoying EmailersI came across this insightful article by Dudley B. Dawson

Below are seven habits that consistently appear at offices across the world. If you have additional examples, please feel free to provide them in the comments below.

1. Including email signatures that include credentials like “MBA” or “HRMS” after their name. Existing readers are well aware of the distaste for credentials in email signatures as described in “Email Signatures: Adding “MBA” after your name is very telling“. [Note – I disagree in principle with this, but will leave that for another blog post – this article is about Dudley’s list, not mine.]

2. Adding clipart to your email. Often the work of administrative assistants, human resources, or other corporate cheerleaders. To think that when these people attach the clipart they imagine recipients smiling. This is called reputation distortion. Those who think others believe them to be a cheery person are actually the people most despised by the office. Clipart photos are to corporate cheerleaders as rainbows are to the GLBT.  Immediate and universal identification. Continue reading ‘The 7 habits of highly annoying emailers’


Email Marketing Blunders To Avoid

Recently, a client wondered why they got a terrible response from an e-mail broadcast… Here are some of the e-mail marketing blunders committed that you want to avoid at ANY COST. Sure some of them seem obvious, but they are worth considering if you want to get the best results possible when executing email marketing campaigns.

E-mail Marketing Blunder #1

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