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I have to admit that the whole concept of things being free gets out of hand sometimes… I came across this cartoon when I was in San Francisco recently… It sure hits home when you think of all the stuff people download from the Internet and never read or watch. They just automatically download it […]


YouTube the best FREE tool to decrease your sales cycle

If you’re scared by the current credit crunch, market meltdown and stock market roller coaster, you’re not alone. These are turbulent times. To survive and thrive in these tough times, you need to have an Exponential Mindset™ which means you need to think and act antimimeticisomorphically. Which means doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results. […]


FREE Strategy To Get To The Top Of Google Rankings

Today’s Internet Marketing Strategy is an indirect strategy that COMBINED with others becomes exponential. First, it’s important to accept that no SINGLE STRATEGY works in isolation. Second, without MULTIPLE strategies an EXPONENTIAL outcome is unlikely. Third, FREE strategies require regular maintenance and monitoring. Today’s is no exception. I have written about LinkedIn before. Linked In […]