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Internet Traffic Tip

Getting to the top of Google’s search listings is not hard, if you know what to do. Here is one quick and easy way to get there. Use the Google Keyword tool to find a relevant four-word phrase in your industry that has several thousand searches per month. The more specific the phrase, the better. […]


Traffic Building Tip

There are several reasons why you want to have a blog. You can review the recent posts on AustralianBlogs.com.au to find out what they are. With that being said, quite a few people have been excited about my blog posts, asking how to use them to their advantage. Here’s how: Traffic Building Tip


FREE Strategy To Get To The Top Of Google Rankings

Today’s Internet Marketing Strategy is an indirect strategy that COMBINED with others becomes exponential. First, it’s important to accept that no SINGLE STRATEGY works in isolation. Second, without MULTIPLE strategies an EXPONENTIAL outcome is unlikely. Third, FREE strategies require regular maintenance and monitoring. Today’s is no exception. I have written about LinkedIn before. Linked In […]