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Internet Technical Mastery Event Day 1 On Today In Melbourne

I am in beautiful Melbourne for the second part of Internet Technical Mastery – a 4-day event split into two parts BECAUSE there is TOO much content to be delivered in one go… I am on stage right now explaining how:

  • You can get get real human feedback on your website pages for pennies on the dollar.
  • Create an on-going flow of visitors to your website for FREE, a flow that feeds on itself WITHOUT additional effort and management
  • How to get those visitors to buy MORE from you and opt-in to your list WITHOUT unsubscribing once they get their ‘joining gift’

Sorry to rub it in – but it’s a Platinum Program Event that’s not open to the public – but our annual Exponential Internet and Business Building Bootcamp is open to the public… Don’t miss out on it this year…


Amazon Power throws Marc Dussault a challenge

Want to know what the challenge is? Watch the 2 minute video.

My response to Neville is…


I am there, ready to jump right after you and RACE you to the ground!!!!

If you want to join us, leave me a comment on this blog – we have 2 or 3 other Platinum Members who will join us. Spend a day with me that you will NEVER forget!

Onward and upward!

The event Neville is talking about was Internet Technical Mastery, a landmark event of the Internet Mastery Platinum Program.

We covered several strategies, including YouTube video optimisation strategies that yielded a 100% result on ONE PERSON’S video… I don’t want to tell you which one because I don’t want to skew the numbers during the next few days… but I can tell you what a result like that sounds like…