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Copywriting Mistake To Avoid: Headlines

Todays’ blog post is another copywriting mistake you want to avoid – making these headlines TOO complicated – stick to the BASICS – the headline is all about getting the reader to start reading the copy. For some reason, many people think they have to be long – they don’t – they have to be to the POINT.

The POINT is to create enough intrigue and interest for the reader  to want to keep reading – THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL.

In our Killer Kopywriting Workshops, we focus on Kopywriting, Keywords and Konversations. We use actual case studies, examples and samples as well as create new copy LIVE and INTERACTIVELY in what I call streams of consciousness that can create magical outcomes – like the testimonial that just ‘happened’ instantaneously (click on the hyperlink to view the 2 minute video). Contact us to find out when the next workshop is scheduled – or purchase the Killer Kopywriting System online.