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How To Make Money On The Internet In The Next 30 Days

Ever wonder why some people are making a killing on the Internet whereas others are SPENDING MONEY with little or NO revenue coming back?

Let me be brutally honest with you – the odds are stacked against you even if the Internet is the most powerful and exponential tool there is. So stacked in fact that only 1 out of 20 people make any money and that ONE person makes MORE than the other 19 COMBINED.

I know how much that sucks.


You become that ONE person.

I know because I WAS one of the 19 less than 3 years ago.

With NO MONEY DOWN, I built an online ’empire’ that delivered more than $1 Million in products and services in less than 12 months.

I need to repeat the most important part – WITH NO MONEY DOWN.

I used all the FREE strategies that were available and made sure that AS I MADE MONEY, I reinvested it and made more money and reinvested it until I got to the point where it was a self-financed money-making machine.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you can look at what was accomplished in that period of time on my three ‘main websites’ (There are others…) www.MarcDusssault.com, www.ExponentialPrograms.com/Business and www.EmpowernetInternMastery.com.au. Plus I re-branded an entire website in the process when we were called Jay Abraham Asia Pacific…!

Go to those sites now and you’ll find:

  • More than 60 individual products, services and bundles
  • Three Rivers Of Revenue: Internet, Business and Personal Mastery
  • Over 300 pages fully indexed and SEO optimised by Google and other search engines
  • 40+ YouTube videos that are watched by a whopping 150,000 people/year
  • 5 blogs that I publish on average 1/week EACH – focused on LONG TAIL NICHE MARKETING
  • Fully automated lead generation strategies that run on autopilot
  • An autoresponder system that has more than 3,000 pages of content delivered via more than 80 separate lists that are nested to deliver multiple value propositions so my clients can consume the products when and how they want – ON DEMAND.

The best part: I HAVE NO STAFF and all this runs independently of a physical location, that means I was able to work from the beach yesterday without interruption.

Real Passive Income Means You Can Work While At The Beach

The reason I am telling you this is because I realised not many people know it was all done WITH NO MONEY DOWN…

That’s important because I want to teach you what I did, step-by-step and click-by-click via our most cost-effective program called the Internet Mastery Massive Momentum Silver Membership that is priced at the rock-bottom entry price of $97/month.

The reason it’s priced that low is to remove any objections – if doubling your opt-ins, tripling your online sales conversions isn’t worth $97/month, well there’s nothing else to say is there?

If you do want to start making a difference to your bank account for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A DAILY LATTE, then keep reading.

You have been reading this blog for some time and with the 70+ posts that I have published, you would have to agree that you’ve gotten at least $500, $1,000 if not $10,000 worth of value.

If you haven’t, then it’s simply because you haven’t taken action. You need to be held accountable. You need some skin in the game.

Paper trading doesn’t make you a millionaire

If you’ve ever traded stock fictitiously and then put your real money on the line, you KNOW paper trading doesn’t work. Without money on the table, you just don’t make the same decisions. It’s been proven, so why waste time on the sidelines when you can get on the field and score a few goals.

$97/month. That’s all it takes to have skin in the game and take FAKE paper profits and turn them into REAL cash.

$97/month that is GUARANTEED to make you $500, $1,000 even $5,000 in your first month. If it doesn’t, all you do is STOP the membership and keep everything we’ve sent you.

Y’know what?

That doesn’t happen. Less than 1% of members unsubscribe. It’s usually due to illness, divorce or other extraordinary personal circumstance .

This stuff works.

Why is it a membership and not just a pile of CDs, DVDs and binders?

Because information overload doesn’t work and the LAST THING YOU NEED IS MORE USELESS INFORMATION!!!

You need stuff that works, stuff that you can DO RIGHT NOW, stuff that:

  • Increases the number of people who come to your website everyday. AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Improves the conversion of content-reading visitors into buyers who pay CASH for your products.
  • Automates the processes you need to DELIVER the value so fewer people opt-out, unsubscribe or ask for refunds.
  • Systemises the steps required so that it becomes a PASSIVE income stream that is independent of your personal effort so you can work from anywhere. Including the beach or poolside at a resort.
  • Gives you INSTANT RESULTS so you stay motivated and keep doing it.
  • Easy to do so you go ahead and DO IT NOW rather than push it off to tomorrow, the day after that and it never gets done.
  • That actually generates CASH that goes into your bank account.

What could I possibly tell you that’s worth $97/month on an on-going basis?

Well, would you like to know how, WITH NO MONEY DOWN, I am establishing a $10,000/year income stream that requires NO additional investment of time or effort that should grow into $25,000 within 24 months? The best part is that ALL THE STRATEGIES ARE FREE and exponential, meaning that once created, the snowball is building on itself through the power of social networking, search engine optimisation and other leveraging strategies that are ‘triangulated’ to produce the results most people don’t think are possible.

Imagine if I took you by the hand, step-by-step through that process so you could do this with your websites(s)?

What if on top of that, I shared with you strategies, concepts and techniques that people pay me thousands of dollars for and gave you BOTH the audio or video recording and the distilled LESSONS you can implement on your website right away?

Would that be worth $97?

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days

What if I also kept you accountable to yourself with a weekly e-mail that I call a distinction that reveals a 1 percent improvement distinction that can make ALL the difference… For example:

  • How to use SAME e-mail strategies spammers use to get YOUR LEGITIMATE e-mails through junk-mail and spam filters.. In some cases, it means 20, 30 even 40% MORE of YOUR PROSPECTS will actually receive your message and chances are they’ll open it.
  • How to use Killer Kopywriting to at least double the open rates of your e-mails by avoiding the top 3 mistakes most people make.
  • How to double or triple the click-through-rate of your e-mails. There is nothing worse than getting 1,000, 2,000 or even 10,000 e-mails sent and having only 2 or 3 % of the respondents click through. NO CLICKS =NO CASH. So if you can’t get them to click, you can’t get them to pay you cash.
  • So if you do get them to click, how do you get them to BUY? That is the million-dollar question. If every week I give you another twist that you can test – would you agree at least some of them will work? If half work and each one improves your sales by 5%, that’s a 25% increase in sales without doing anything else…!

Of course by now you’ve read a lot and I would expect that you’re excited about the POSSIBILITIES but you have DOUBTS.

YOU SHOULD HAVE DOUBTS. Only 1 out of 20 people on the Internet makes any money.

That means the odds are stacked against you.

What you may not realise is that YOU are your worst enemy and I don’t mean that with any disrespect. It’s a fact.

Procrastination Prevents Possibility, Potential and Profits.

That’s why I am proposing the Silver Membership for you – it keeps YOU accountable on A WEEKLY BASIS to do something. That alone is worth the $97 investment.

You can’t and won’t keep paying the $97/month without doing anything – trust me. You won’t.

That means only one thing. YOU WILL START DOING STUFF.

Stuff that works.

You will get the snowball in your hands and you WILL roll it down the hill – that’s why it’s called the Massive Momentum Membership.

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days

Once it starts, it gets a life of its own.


Imagine you’re at home and you have your computer on and it chimes every time a sale is made. You start to watch a movie and 15 minutes into it, the computer chimes and you walk over and you see you’ve made a $27 sale… You celebrate, high-five your wife/husband, boy/girlfriend and get back to the movie. Just before you’re ready for an intermission and bathroom break, the computer chimes again, announcing another $27 sale…

Tell me you wouldn’t get hooked…

You go to bed that night realising YOU GOT PAID WHILE WATCHING A MOVIE… It just doesn’t get better than that…

But it does.

You wake up the next morning and lo and behold you’ve made 3 more sales WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING…

At this stage, you get giddy and wonder “Why the hell did I used to have a job that forced me to go into an office 5 days/week, work with people I didn’t really like and then come back home?”

Now you are addicted.

Addicted to a truly Passive Internet Income stream.

Welcome, it’s great to welcome you “Hi my name is Marc and I am a passive Internet income addict.”

Here’s the thing though — this is a long blog post.

I takes time to overcome your doubts and apprehensions – I totally get that. I’ve been there myself, but y’know what? You’re not going to get there with that kind of negativity.

I mean c’mon, it’s $97. If that’s not within your means, then guess what? This is not for you.

It’s either too late, not the right right for you, whatever. Come back when you’ve got your problems sorted.

$97 is LESS THAN what the average person spends on coffee and muffins/bagels/donuts.

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days

Allow yourself the thought that you can do this, it’s only $97 and others who are dumber than you have been successful, turned things around – for one reason and one reason only.

They took action and yes, they took a chance.

You have to take a chance and you are the best bet you can make.

It’s all up to YOU to make this work – thousands before you have used these strategies and HUNDREDS have used this system to create the lifestyle they want, the one that’s eluded you, but is just outside your grasp…

Passive income coming into your bank account, 24/7 WHILE YOU SLEEP…

Make it happen – click the hyperlink to register online and start making mony on the Internet in the next 30 days or give Gulliver a call and he can answer any questions you may have. Gulliver’s mobile is 0401 923 582.

Just think about it. $97 to start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days…

This is a quote from one of our members, in the Christmas card he sent us… “… I look back and think what it could have been and what it has become… I thank you from the bottom of my heart…”

This is real, this could be you… Decide now to make 2009 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER and call Gulliver on 0401 923 582.

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days