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3 Tips To Optimise Your Autoresponder

Autoresponders like Aweber.com are what enable you to create a truly passive income stream, or what I call a River Of Revenue, but there are a few tweaks you need to consider to make it really work flawlessly, otherwise you’ll be spending your time doing customer support and follow-ups 24/7.

Autoresponder Tip #1

One of the first things to do with your autoresponder is to set it up correctly, that means customise the welcome message and in the case of a double opt-in, make sure the messages are all personalised, formatted and branded according to your look and feel. You want to have a consistent ‘look’ across all your communications.

I have to admit I have been lax in this regard and have it on my to do list to clean this up because now the volume warrants it. Each 1% of questions, ‘unverified opt-ins’ eats away at your profitability.

Do it once or pay for it forever…

Autoresponder Tip #2

Reinforce the step involved – either confirming, registering or purchasing with adequate copy that makes the reader feel good about completing this step. Every chance you get to be IN FRONT of a prospect or client is an OPPORTUNITY TO IMPRESS OR DISAPPOINT.

Autoresponder Tip #3

Write your messages CONSISTENLY, in the same voice, style and syntax. This is a CRITICAL MISTAKE a lot of people make, writing in one tone to sell and in another when sending ‘value and content’… Don’t make this mistake!

My physics teacher in high school, Mr Salvatore Lancione once told me “Consistency is the mark of a true professional”. He was right then and is still right today -> more than 25 years later!


How To Make Money On The Internet In The Next 30 Days

Ever wonder why some people are making a killing on the Internet whereas others are SPENDING MONEY with little or NO revenue coming back?

Let me be brutally honest with you – the odds are stacked against you even if the Internet is the most powerful and exponential tool there is. So stacked in fact that only 1 out of 20 people make any money and that ONE person makes MORE than the other 19 COMBINED.

I know how much that sucks.


You become that ONE person.

I know because I WAS one of the 19 less than 3 years ago.

With NO MONEY DOWN, I built an online ’empire’ that delivered more than $1 Million in products and services in less than 12 months.

I need to repeat the most important part – WITH NO MONEY DOWN.

I used all the FREE strategies that were available and made sure that AS I MADE MONEY, I reinvested it and made more money and reinvested it until I got to the point where it was a self-financed money-making machine.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you can look at what was accomplished in that period of time on my three ‘main websites’ (There are others…) www.MarcDusssault.com, www.ExponentialPrograms.com/Business and www.EmpowernetInternMastery.com.au. Plus I re-branded an entire website in the process when we were called Jay Abraham Asia Pacific…!

Go to those sites now and you’ll find:

  • More than 60 individual products, services and bundles
  • Three Rivers Of Revenue: Internet, Business and Personal Mastery
  • Over 300 pages fully indexed and SEO optimised by Google and other search engines
  • 40+ YouTube videos that are watched by a whopping 150,000 people/year
  • 5 blogs that I publish on average 1/week EACH – focused on LONG TAIL NICHE MARKETING
  • Fully automated lead generation strategies that run on autopilot
  • An autoresponder system that has more than 3,000 pages of content delivered via more than 80 separate lists that are nested to deliver multiple value propositions so my clients can consume the products when and how they want – ON DEMAND.

The best part: I HAVE NO STAFF and all this runs independently of a physical location, that means I was able to work from the beach yesterday without interruption.

Real Passive Income Means You Can Work While At The Beach

The reason I am telling you this is because I realised not many people know it was all done WITH NO MONEY DOWN…

That’s important because I want to teach you what I did, step-by-step and click-by-click via our most cost-effective program called the Internet Mastery Massive Momentum Silver Membership that is priced at the rock-bottom entry price of $97/month.

The reason it’s priced that low is to remove any objections – if doubling your opt-ins, tripling your online sales conversions isn’t worth $97/month, well there’s nothing else to say is there?

If you do want to start making a difference to your bank account for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A DAILY LATTE, then keep reading.

You have been reading this blog for some time and with the 70+ posts that I have published, you would have to agree that you’ve gotten at least $500, $1,000 if not $10,000 worth of value.

If you haven’t, then it’s simply because you haven’t taken action. You need to be held accountable. You need some skin in the game.

Paper trading doesn’t make you a millionaire

If you’ve ever traded stock fictitiously and then put your real money on the line, you KNOW paper trading doesn’t work. Without money on the table, you just don’t make the same decisions. It’s been proven, so why waste time on the sidelines when you can get on the field and score a few goals.

$97/month. That’s all it takes to have skin in the game and take FAKE paper profits and turn them into REAL cash.

$97/month that is GUARANTEED to make you $500, $1,000 even $5,000 in your first month. If it doesn’t, all you do is STOP the membership and keep everything we’ve sent you.

Y’know what?

That doesn’t happen. Less than 1% of members unsubscribe. It’s usually due to illness, divorce or other extraordinary personal circumstance .

This stuff works.

Why is it a membership and not just a pile of CDs, DVDs and binders?

Because information overload doesn’t work and the LAST THING YOU NEED IS MORE USELESS INFORMATION!!!

You need stuff that works, stuff that you can DO RIGHT NOW, stuff that:

  • Increases the number of people who come to your website everyday. AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Improves the conversion of content-reading visitors into buyers who pay CASH for your products.
  • Automates the processes you need to DELIVER the value so fewer people opt-out, unsubscribe or ask for refunds.
  • Systemises the steps required so that it becomes a PASSIVE income stream that is independent of your personal effort so you can work from anywhere. Including the beach or poolside at a resort.
  • Gives you INSTANT RESULTS so you stay motivated and keep doing it.
  • Easy to do so you go ahead and DO IT NOW rather than push it off to tomorrow, the day after that and it never gets done.
  • That actually generates CASH that goes into your bank account.

What could I possibly tell you that’s worth $97/month on an on-going basis?

Well, would you like to know how, WITH NO MONEY DOWN, I am establishing a $10,000/year income stream that requires NO additional investment of time or effort that should grow into $25,000 within 24 months? The best part is that ALL THE STRATEGIES ARE FREE and exponential, meaning that once created, the snowball is building on itself through the power of social networking, search engine optimisation and other leveraging strategies that are ‘triangulated’ to produce the results most people don’t think are possible.

Imagine if I took you by the hand, step-by-step through that process so you could do this with your websites(s)?

What if on top of that, I shared with you strategies, concepts and techniques that people pay me thousands of dollars for and gave you BOTH the audio or video recording and the distilled LESSONS you can implement on your website right away?

Would that be worth $97?

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days

What if I also kept you accountable to yourself with a weekly e-mail that I call a distinction that reveals a 1 percent improvement distinction that can make ALL the difference… For example:

  • How to use SAME e-mail strategies spammers use to get YOUR LEGITIMATE e-mails through junk-mail and spam filters.. In some cases, it means 20, 30 even 40% MORE of YOUR PROSPECTS will actually receive your message and chances are they’ll open it.
  • How to use Killer Kopywriting to at least double the open rates of your e-mails by avoiding the top 3 mistakes most people make.
  • How to double or triple the click-through-rate of your e-mails. There is nothing worse than getting 1,000, 2,000 or even 10,000 e-mails sent and having only 2 or 3 % of the respondents click through. NO CLICKS =NO CASH. So if you can’t get them to click, you can’t get them to pay you cash.
  • So if you do get them to click, how do you get them to BUY? That is the million-dollar question. If every week I give you another twist that you can test – would you agree at least some of them will work? If half work and each one improves your sales by 5%, that’s a 25% increase in sales without doing anything else…!

Of course by now you’ve read a lot and I would expect that you’re excited about the POSSIBILITIES but you have DOUBTS.

YOU SHOULD HAVE DOUBTS. Only 1 out of 20 people on the Internet makes any money.

That means the odds are stacked against you.

What you may not realise is that YOU are your worst enemy and I don’t mean that with any disrespect. It’s a fact.

Procrastination Prevents Possibility, Potential and Profits.

That’s why I am proposing the Silver Membership for you – it keeps YOU accountable on A WEEKLY BASIS to do something. That alone is worth the $97 investment.

You can’t and won’t keep paying the $97/month without doing anything – trust me. You won’t.

That means only one thing. YOU WILL START DOING STUFF.

Stuff that works.

You will get the snowball in your hands and you WILL roll it down the hill – that’s why it’s called the Massive Momentum Membership.

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days

Once it starts, it gets a life of its own.


Imagine you’re at home and you have your computer on and it chimes every time a sale is made. You start to watch a movie and 15 minutes into it, the computer chimes and you walk over and you see you’ve made a $27 sale… You celebrate, high-five your wife/husband, boy/girlfriend and get back to the movie. Just before you’re ready for an intermission and bathroom break, the computer chimes again, announcing another $27 sale…

Tell me you wouldn’t get hooked…

You go to bed that night realising YOU GOT PAID WHILE WATCHING A MOVIE… It just doesn’t get better than that…

But it does.

You wake up the next morning and lo and behold you’ve made 3 more sales WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING…

At this stage, you get giddy and wonder “Why the hell did I used to have a job that forced me to go into an office 5 days/week, work with people I didn’t really like and then come back home?”

Now you are addicted.

Addicted to a truly Passive Internet Income stream.

Welcome, it’s great to welcome you “Hi my name is Marc and I am a passive Internet income addict.”

Here’s the thing though — this is a long blog post.

I takes time to overcome your doubts and apprehensions – I totally get that. I’ve been there myself, but y’know what? You’re not going to get there with that kind of negativity.

I mean c’mon, it’s $97. If that’s not within your means, then guess what? This is not for you.

It’s either too late, not the right right for you, whatever. Come back when you’ve got your problems sorted.

$97 is LESS THAN what the average person spends on coffee and muffins/bagels/donuts.

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days

Allow yourself the thought that you can do this, it’s only $97 and others who are dumber than you have been successful, turned things around – for one reason and one reason only.

They took action and yes, they took a chance.

You have to take a chance and you are the best bet you can make.

It’s all up to YOU to make this work – thousands before you have used these strategies and HUNDREDS have used this system to create the lifestyle they want, the one that’s eluded you, but is just outside your grasp…

Passive income coming into your bank account, 24/7 WHILE YOU SLEEP…

Make it happen – click the hyperlink to register online and start making mony on the Internet in the next 30 days or give Gulliver a call and he can answer any questions you may have. Gulliver’s mobile is 0401 923 582.

Just think about it. $97 to start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days…

This is a quote from one of our members, in the Christmas card he sent us… “… I look back and think what it could have been and what it has become… I thank you from the bottom of my heart…”

This is real, this could be you… Decide now to make 2009 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER and call Gulliver on 0401 923 582.

CLICK HERE NOW TO start making money on the Internet in the next 30 days


Stop selling to increase your CTR

This is going to be a quick post, but nonetheless priceless in its effectiveness. STOP SELLING and you’ll increase your CTR and sales…

How to improve your CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

I was on e-mail with a colleague today with whom I am developing a powerful Host-Beneficiary Partnership. In summary, we’re creating value-creation assets that need a call to action. He was thinking of putting the ‘offer’ on the document – don’t.

Continue reading ‘Stop selling to increase your CTR’


You can stop losing sales in less than 5 minutes

Today’s post is simple, straight to the point and IF you actually do this, you’ll stop losing sales IMMEDIATELY…

It’s answering and responding to your e-mails more quickly. This is one of my pet peeves and every year I SPEND AT LEAST $10,000 LESS in products and services BECAUSE the people I deal with don’t get back to me quickly enough.

That means that these suppliers LOSE AT LEAST $10,000 just from me – if there are 10 of us, that’s $100,000 lost, gone forever – never to be spent with those suppliers. The easiest $100,000 to make is to sell to EXISTING CLIENTS…

The constant delays undermine my confidence in them, reduces my expectations of their delivery capability and substantially distances them from me in a personal rapport perspective.

Don’t you FEEL closer to someone who responds quickly? I mean c’mon an online chat is ONLY intimate BECAUSE it’s instant…

I don’t want to say who these suppliers are because some of them know about this and are taking action to improve whereas others well, they just don’t get it, never will – I have given up on some of them and am now seeking a NEW source = they are going to lose me as a client.

So not only will some of them NOT sell more to me, they will lose the EXISTING sales they previously counted on – during the toughest economic times we’ve had – OWCH, that’s gotta hurt.

Most people make the SAME decision I am making, but unconsciously.

Think about that the next time you push off those e-mails to tomorrow, the day after or the day after that.

Time is MONEY and the more you push off your e-mails, the farther down your Pathways To Profits™ you push your income.

We all get a lot of e-mail (even spam), but there is NO excuse for not responding more quickly. If you want to gain time in your day, watch this video that will save you 1 hour per day GUARANTEED.


Leveraging YouTube Exponentially

Today’s post is a YouTube video blast from the past – all the way back to 2008. It was created by Paul Telling, artiste extraordinaire… You’ll be amazed at how much information can be packed into less than 3 minutes.

it goes without saying that I fully and totally endorse Paul, but that’s not the point of this post – He’s taken his talent and exponentialised it by expanding it to an Exponential level of simplifying the process in easy-to-understand VISUAL language that is incredibly powerful, influential and captivating.

This is one of the way we spoil our best clients – with the BONUS that Paul talks about – the Wall-sized MindMap AND booklet of the 3-day Exponential Internet and Business Building Bootcamp event. Absolutely priceless.

Onward and upward!

Go on, check out Paul Telling’s website or leave a comment here so he’ll know what you think of his video AND his talents as an artist!


FOCUS is worth more than $682.47

I wrote a post “You Get What You Focus On“, a funny story about my father-in-law’s ability to find money on the ground wherever he goes…

The story gets better and more ‘surreal’…

“… Now you want me to put it into perspective: The money I told you about  ($682.47) was not the whole story it wasn’t all coins, — Included were 2x$100, 1 x $50, several $20 and $10 bills as well as $5 bills… I turned in 5,000 pennies 4-5 months ago. Still have near 3,500 pennies in a jar, with some new paper money.

One day two weeks ago, the find was $10.32, a couple of days later $5.22.  Today was average at $1.17, in the form of 23 coins.  So, I’m due for something bigger!

Earlier in the year I found a lady’s silver ring. Not long ago I found $7.00 worth of bus tickets, recently Christel stumbled over a man’s gold chain link bracelet. I took it to Prestige Jewellers it’s 14k @ 18 grams.

So, if bend-downs are good exercise, I am doing my share!

Moral of the story?

Look and ye shall find!

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault
Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


What are YOU looking for? How did you find it? What can you share with us that is just as funny and valuable? POST A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG and let us know!


Preeminence = ZERO client acquisition cost

Just by ‘being on the Internet’, stuff happens.

I have a website devoted to helping family businesses deal with succession issues.

You might not know that…

“Several years after completing an Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Dr Dussault went on to acquire an Executive MBA. Subsequently, as a part-time faculty member, he taught in the MBA program as well as completed coursework towards a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship, family business, organisational behaviour and information technology management while he doubled his companies’ sales and expanded his companies’ geographic reach.

Upon his arrival in Australia, Dr Dussault continued his doctoral research in e-commerce business models, focusing on stakeholder analysis and strategic decision-making, completing his 400-page thesis (with over 700 references) in a record 3 months. He was conferred a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) degree from Southern Cross University.

Recently, Dr Dussault completed a post-graduate law degree at the prestigious University of New South Wales. Investigating the selection of optimal tax and financial planning strategies for wealth creation and asset protection, he was in the unique position of learning the most powerful strategies sitting amongst Australian Tax Office inspectors and auditors!

Dr Dussault is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management as well as the recipient of the highly acclaimed Company Directors Course Diploma 2005 bestowed upon him by the well respected Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is recognised as an Associate Stockbroking by the Securities and Derivatives Industry Association of Australia.”

But that doesn’t matter, someone figured it out and sent me this e-mail:

Website Contact Request:
I’m interested in Dr. Dussault’s research into family business and how it
applies to family businesses in Australia.  Does he lecture/present on
family business topics such as succession?  I organise conferences…

—— End of Forwarded Message

This is a ZERO COST PROSPECT acquired automatically via a passive Exponential Internet Marketing Strategy. I could have spent HOURS searching for this person, proposed my products and services and still not work with this organisation…

I don’t know what the future holds for this opportunity, but my love of family businesses will come through in our discussions and I am cautiously optimistic that it will be the beginning of a long-term win-win-win-win relationship for myself, the organisation, its members and our clients.

Stay tuned… as things keep moving…

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault
Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist

So many people, when they realise how much I’ve accomplished are ‘mesmerised’ by the results and outcomes I’ve produced – what some fail to realise is that it’s continuous and never-ending improvement that makes the difference.

It all adds up in the end – when EVERYONE sees the FINAL RESULT.

Most people are oblivious to the individual small steps it takes to get to the ultimate outcome. Small steps anyone can make, but many don’t.

I am not quite sure why that is, it’s just is the way it is. That’s also why those of us who do the 1 percent improvement on a regular, disciplined basis – get all the results and rewards.


Merry Christmas and An Exponential New Year

What can I say, what a year it has been… riding the wildest roller coaster we’ve ever seen!

This is a time for reflection, introspection and yes a little bit of self analysis.

I highly recommend you write it in your journal so you have your key distinctions, insights and ideas for years to come. Of course you know to be creative, outrageous and ‘colour outside the lines’!!!

Once you’ve sat on the proverbial couch and reflected on the past, it’s then time to look to the future that awaits you… 2009.

2009 is the opportunity of a lifetime with chaos reigning everywhere, creating boundless opportunities out of thin air for all of us to leverage – exponentially. In big bites or tiny morsels, depending on your appetite for growth and expansion.

2009 is YOUR year, when all the investments of the past come together, as a ‘mind meld’ that combines your learnings to give you breakthrough after breakthrough just when you need one.

2009 is THE year when you start to TAKE ACTION, in both big and small doses because you know it’s time for you to move forward and put the past behind you once and for all. NOT because you don’t like your life, but because you know you deserve more – a lot more.

2009 is the turning point you’ll remember for a lifetime, when ‘things changed’ for you. Like turning the pages of a book, you start to write the NEW CHAPTER of your NEW LIFE, as you want to live it. You know this is now possible because you know what you know and that’s enough to get started. You also know that there is stuff you don’t know you know, but since you know it, you’ll soon discover you know you know it and voila! you’ll have a breakthrough to take you to the next level of performance, awareness and maybe even ‘sense of being’.

2009 is your ultimate performance, just as though you were in a play, on stage. It’s when you become the person you’ve always known you could be. You step onto the stage on January 1st and COMMAND THE STAGE with your PRESENCE, AURA and CONFIDENCE. You transfix the audience who are your friends, family and colleagues to utter silence and amazement that you have ‘found yourself’ and are ‘being yourself’. The performance starts on January 1, 2009 and lasts a lifetime. YOUR LIFETIME.

2009 is when the calendar switches over and in an instant puts the past behind you. Once and for all, forever. Never to be lived again. A distant memory. A recollection to help guide you in the future whilst remembering only the good and priceless lessons that needed to be learnt to bring you to this point in time. The point in time that is…

2009. Step into it…

Onward and upward!

Psst! This card was created by the one and only Paul Telling of Melbourne Australia who helps you to visualise and monetise all your sales opportunities by turning boring documents, presentations and speeches into re-usable engaging unique masterpieces that impress your audience and save you time and money!

The postscript for today is not 2008, the year that was, but 2009, the year that will be…


Here is the Wordle of the list…


Image Converter

Ever struggle with a file that’s in the wrong format?

Using this FREE online Image Conversion Utility, it’s no longer a problem!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Today’s tip was supplied by Nick Schoonens of www.Marketing-Results.com.au.


Fewer e-mails are being opened

It’s a fact.

E-mail opens and clicks have been falling, as fewer consumers worldwide are opening marketing e-mails, according to a November 2008 study.

The study conducted by MailerMailer found that the average marketing e-mail open rate fell to 13.20% in the first half of 2008, compared with 16.11% in the first half of 2007. Click rates also fell, from 3.18% in the first half of 2007 to 2.73% in the first half of this year.

Interestingly, some industries had higher open rates for their marketing e-mail, with banking/finance, religious/spiritual, government and telecommunications having more success than other verticals.

Shorter or longer subject lines?

Continue reading ‘Fewer e-mails are being opened’


Marc Dussault on TV

This viral marketing video strategy was sent to me by Stuart Gordon of Giant Promotions

Ideas like this spread like wildfire!

Click here to see what all the fuss is about!

Onward and upward!


Go on and have some fun with it!


Linked In: Gets you FREE traffic!

You might have read this in a recent e-mail, but it’s worthy of repetition here.

  • The easiest and quickest way to start getting MORE FREE TRAFFIC to your website is to link in to my LinkedIn network. Go to www.LinkedIn.com and invite me to join your network. By doing that, you will INSTANTLY get over 1 MILLION CONNECTIONS. Connections are people who will begin to be aware that you exist and that you have products and services to offer.
  • I just cut and pasted this from my LinkedIn.com profile today: Your profile has been viewed by 11 people in the last 12 days. In the last 2 days, you have appeared in search results 14 times.” Just so we’re clear, this is an average of 7 people/day x 365 days = +/- 2,500 people PER YEAR who are seeking information about me and what I have to offer. You can start to get this FREE PUBLICITY/EXPOSUREwithin the next 5 minutes. Do it now by clicking here.
  • By linking in to me on LinkedIn.com, you will get more than just people looking for you and your products, you’ll get improved search engine optimisation which means EVERYONE on the Internet will be able to find you more quickly and easily. When you do setup your profile, be as descriptive as possible, keep it up-to-date and maintain your activities current. We teach our clients how to optimised Linked In with a 4-part article series called “How to get from 0 to 7 Million Connections in 3 Days”. It’s a bonus when people sign up for our Silver Internet Mastery Momentum Membership. BUT I DON’T WANT TO SELL YOU ANYTHING TODAY – I want you to know that this stuff works and you can get started right now for FREE.

Today’s post is about realising that when you take action, you create momentum that takes on a life of it’s own… It’s almost like magic.

When Google and the other search engines get involved, you have their power working for you and that is truly exponential — and EXCITING don’t you think?

If you haven’t linked in to me yet, please do it now. Time is money and 2,500 people want to consider buying from you…

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Sometimes I think I sound like a broken record, but so be it.

This stuff is really not that hard – you just have to ‘do stuff’.

I know there are only 168 hours in a week and that everyone’s pulling at you in a million directions. I get that, I really do.

I also get that an Exponential Mindset™ by definition necessitates LEVERAGE.

Using tools and techniques such as LinkedIn are massively exponential BECAUSE THEY ARE FREE which gives them INFINITE ROI (anything divided by 0 = infinity!)…

That is not just semantics. BUILDING an Internet empire on a shoe string budget is many peoples’ dream, but only a few ever reach the summit of profitability…

Go on and link in to me and see what happens!


A Really Cool YouTube Tip

Ever worry about sending someone to a YouTube video and wishing you could get them to start viewing it at a pre-set point so they get the message you want them to get right off the bat and not have to ‘wait’ for it?

Well guess what? You can do juts that with this little-known YouTube Tip sent to me courtesy of Nick Schoonens of www.Marketing-Results.com.au.

When you start to develop multiple conversations with different clients and prospects, you’ll want to optimise this when it’s really worth it.

You can specify the minutes and seconds of the start time like this:

add #t=3m03s to the end of the URL to start at 3 minutes and 3 seconds into it:


add #t=5m58s to the end of the video URL to start playback at 5 minutes 58 seconds:

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter – people will appreciate it if you queue up your YouTube videos for them in advance… Especially if they’ve never seen that before!

So there you go, another reason to keep reading this blog!


Domain Name Buyers Beware!

I just got caught with a hidden upsell that I thought you’d want to know about – especially if you have a lot of domain names as most of us have…

It’s the FREE private domain registration ‘upsell’ for FREE…

So what’s the catch? When your domains are automatically renewed, they PRIVATE REGISTRATION COSTS are added to the domain registration DOUBLING the COSTS per domain.


If you don’t need the anonymity because you are your website e.g. www.MarcDussault.com, then this can be a saving of THOUSANDS of dollars per year.

You’re welcome!

Onward and upward!



This is one of the many strategies I cover in my recession-proofing video. For $17, ideas like this pays for itself ten times, no make that 100 times over!

It’s all about getting lean and mean!


Linked In Strategy You Might Not Know About

Today’s post is about a little known Linked In tool you might want to consider, it’s called the Reading List – it’s a list of books that you’re reading that LinkedIn maintains within your profile. With a 5,000 word comment field, I am sure there is a lot that can be done with it.

I am currently testing it with my first submission with a blatant self-promotional comment that I will edit later on.

I often take notes and extract distinctions that I could quite easily place here and refer to – the question is whether or not LinkedIn will make it easier to access that list in the future…

For the time being, this is a ‘new’ option to consider if you’re looking for that extra 1 percent improvement.

If you don’t know what www.LinkedIn.com is, you really need to subscribe to one of our Memberships, you can start off with the least expensive program, the Internet Mastery Silver Momentum Membership for $97/month simply because NOT knowing this is costing you MORE than $97/month in lost sales, leads and FREE traffic.
Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

The Exponential Growth Strategist


If you’re keen to improve by MORE than 1 percent, you’ll want to check out another Linked In strategy I highlighted on www.AustralianBlogs.com.au that explains how to post your blog on www.Linkedin.com.

As you can well see, each 1 percent improvement on its own is quick and easy. The thing is that it all adds up to FREE traffic that ends up buying from you BECAUSE they know you exist and have something of value to offer.

If they don’t find you, they can’t buy from you.


Make sure you subscribe to all my blogs

I just realised I took it for granted that you know I have MULTIPLE BLOGS…

One of my most prestigious clients didn’t know I launched my Personal Mastery Blog a few weeks ago…

So this post is to make sure you know I have multiple blogs so you don’t miss the 1% idea that might uncover a $1,245, $3,697 or $16,788 windfall for you…

Click here if you’re in business and want to grow your business quickly even with a shoestring budget.

Click here if you want to achieve Personal Mastery and unlock your Exponential Potential™.

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Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


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Perfection is the Poison of Profitability

Today’s post is an e-mail I got from Dan in South Australia that is so valuabke that I had to share it with you.

You’ll see my responses indented and in italics.

On 11/17/2008 11:59 AM, “Dan XXXXX” <dan@xxxxxxxxx.com> wrote:

Hello, I am interested in attending your internet marketing course however I have some questions first.
Please pass this on to Marc.

I’ve attended some Jay Abraham and Brian Tracy courses in Sydney. I’ve read the books, listened to the CDs.
The kind of information that is promoted for your event is just what I need to learn for my business.
I would much rather spend a day with a guru than spend months trying to teach myself by searching the web for the information.

However, I have to question Marc’s guru status due to the following. Could Marc comment please?

Whenever I receive emails from Empowernet they automatically go straight to my junk box. Not because I have set it to label them as spam or junk, something in the emails is triggering that automatically. I have a pop mail account with minimal spam protection, not a free service like hotmail. I would expect Marc to have tested the spam rating of his emails before sending them. I submitted his most recent one to a spam rating service and the score was terrible; it scored 7.9 out of a possible 13. A score over 3 or 4 is considered unsafe. Marc more than doubled the danger levels with his email.

Dan, That is a GREAT observation and a GREAT compliment. E-mails that don’t end up in spam or junk mail folders are BLAND and BORING. Once you’ve ‘whitelisted’ me in your e-mail program, the e-mails should go through without a hitch. It’s one of the many strategies we teach our clients. Of course if you want to get through the spam and junk mail folders with NEW clients whom you have not communicated with, there are DOZENS of strategies to do this. We teach BOTH strategies so you can CHOOSE what outcome you want to achieve.

The e-mail I sent you was destined to my clients and prospects who have opted in to receive e-mails from me, which means I don’t worry about spam, in fact I totally disregard it to maximise the conversation I want to have with the reader.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, because it is. In fact there’s a word for it – antimimeticisomorphic – doing out-of-the-ordinary things that produce EXTRA-ordinary results. You CAN’T do what others do an expect different results… Think about it…

I clicked on the first link in his email. It takes you to not only a different page than the link says but to a non-existent page:

Some e-mail systems strip out code that creates this problem – the links actually work when not modified. If your program does this, you’ll have difficulty accessing a lot of information that people are trying to give you. This blog is not the place to do technical support, but it is important to realise that sometimes your settings are at fault and create problems. In this instance, I double-checked the links and others have clicked through without incident. The solution is to re-set your e-mail security settings so this doesn’t happen.

The theme of the email was how the top gurus focus intently on what they’re doing. In Marc’s case he labels himself as a top-earning guru who applies most of his focus to his blog. The first blog link I see goes nowhere…..would you say that reflects someone who can teach me about ‘focusing’?

This has been addressed above, but you also have to ask yourself the BASIS of your question – do you doubt everything everyone tells you? If you do, you’ll be hard to coach or mentor. I understand that in this day and age you have to have a healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism. I get that – but even a technical glitch should not get to the point of questioning someone’s integrity, especially someone who is successful with the only 100% RESULTS GUARANTEED programs in the country… Not satisfaction guarantee, but RESULTS guarantee it’s called the Platinum Program.

My father and his father were German engineers. Attention to detail is hard-coded into my genetics. The lack of attention to detail I’m mentioning here really stand out to someone like me and further erode my confidence in marketeers.

I understand and suggest you look at the syntax you use – Marketeers and Marketers are not the same word. Marketeers is a derogatory term which psychologically pre-frames you negatively. We teach this in our Platinum Program, how to avoid pre-framing for failure.

I also understand and respect the need for precision – I am an engineer myself, but have learnt that “perfection is the poison of profitability“. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Even if this is a technical error, life goes on. People like yourself are generous enough to give me a second chance. People as giving as you have been and will continue to INVEST TIME AND EFFORT to point out the improvements that can be made. That is an incredible thing to witness – wouldn’t you agree?

With each criticism comes improvement – 1 percent at a time.

I manually typed in Marc’s blog page address to see what kind of information was there. Again, I clicked on the first link I came across to go to the Internet Mastery Blog – another of Marc’s prime focus points. Again it takes me to an error page with no content:
http://www.marcdussault.com/blog/www.ExponentialPrograms.com/Internet/blog/get-more-traffic-to-your-site-or-blog-with-no-effort <http://www.marcdussault.com/blog/www.ExponentialPrograms.com/Internet/blog/get-more-traffic-to-your-site-or-blog-with-no-effort>

Without being disrespectul – the address above won’t work because the actual address is: http://www.ExponentialPrograms.com/Internet/blog/get-more-traffic-to-your-site-or-blog-with-no-effort

I read the email interested in the event however before deciding if I would spend money, I wanted to know when it was on. It mentions that it is going to be held in Melbourne which would mean booking a flight. The email however does not mention the date or venue for the event. I clicked a few other links to be taken to a capture page which also fails to mention a date or venue. It gives me no choice but to give my money first, find out where and when it is later. This makes me nervous.

All the content information is on the sales landing but Dan is right – the date and venues are not there!!! How did that happen?!?!? It’s probably because it’s the 4th BONUS day to the Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp which are the 3 days BEFORE the Internet Millionaire Marketing Day, Wed, Thr & Fri December 3, 4 and 5th…

So guess what?!? Dan is right – we’re human and make mistakes!!!

But also, Dan PROVES that when you create enough VALUE in the e-mail, you get people like him to point it out so it gets fixed – it will probably be fixed by the time you read this blog post!

I can see that Marc is aiming to earn $30K – $35K less expenses from the event. I have no problem with that however Marc’s obvious lack of attention to detail makes me question his ethics. A “focus guru” with a lack of focus wants me to give him over $1,000 and a day of my time to learn how to focus.

There are three points here – (1) If you’re concerned about what I am aiming to earn from this event, you shouldn’t attend. You MUST ask yourself only ONE question – what will you get out of it? If you don’t think you’ll get more than $1,000, then it’s not for you. The top 5% are the top 5% BECAUSE there is another 95% who are NOT in the top 5%… That is not a mathematical trick, it’s just how it is. This event is about getting into the top 5%.

(2) Focus is one of those words that people have difficulty defining. Focus does not equal PERFECTION. My FOCUS is to give attendees incredible value by revealing how they can unleash the Exponential Potential™ that is within their business or website.

Responding to Dan’s e-mail via my blog is EXPONENTIAL because thousands of people can learn from Dan’s contribution and investment of time and effort. If he wants to identify himself and get the backlink to his site, he can do that by placing a comment to this blog post. If he wants to remain anonymous he will. I will never reveal his identity without his permission.

(3) Focus and ethics are two very different things as I am sure you can appreciate. I do understand Dan’s perspective and I am taking his e-mail apart out of respect for his hard-coded genetics. One of the strategies we cover at the Bootcamp entails creating Multiple Pathways To Profits™ that includes establishing the step-by-step or click-by-click conversations you need to have with prospects and clients. This is a priceless skill that once developed, stays with you for life.

It reminds me of Arkad from “Richest Man In Babylon” who loses all his savings, giving them to the brick maker to invest in rare jewels later to be told “why trust the knowledge of a brick maker about jewels….if you would have advice about jewels go to the jewel merchant”

I use the expression that you don’t ask your car mechanic to cut your hair, you so must chose your mentors wisely… So Dan and I agree on this point. As well as his reading list – The Richest Man in Babylon is a must-read book!

My Internet expertise speaks for itself – you can read more than 300 pages that are posted on my sites, revealing more than 50 different products that were created with NO staff and on a shoestring budget.

Some of those sites are:









So, I hope this is not too critical, I’m sure Marc has many fine qualities and has accomplished much more than I have online however I am very reluctant to choose him as my guru to learn about more about Internet marketing unless you can show me why I should trust a focus guru with a lack of focus. I never experienced any messy marketing nor was I ever made to feel nervous when I attended Brian Tracy’s events.

Dan, this event may not be for you. An Exponential Mindset™ is not for everyone. Brian Tracy is the epitome of excellence, and professionalism, so once again we agree! I think the confusion is the definition of focus. I have total focus, but I’m not perfect, never have been, never will be. FOCUS however is something that comes only second to DRIVE when someone describes me.

That being said, if you have a need for perfection, I might not be able to help you. If you don’t think this level of response and this TYPE of answer leveraging it via my blog isn’t original and exponential, then the Internet Millionaire Marketing event is not for you.

However, something tells me that you’re impressed that I have mirrored your investment writing your e-mail with an equal investment and that I would reveal my imperfections and explain them without being defensive or accusatory.

Something also tells me that you’re looking forward to meeting me and spending a day with someone who’s read the same books you have, hase been taught by the best – Brian Tracy (Anthony Robbins and Jay Abraham) and has taken it to the next level.

Something tells me you’re not just looking forward to it, you’re excited that if I am the ‘real deal’, you already have 80% of what you need to be massively successful and I’ve made the investment to be able to hand over the missing 20% that will make all the difference.

That something is my belief in the power of the human spirit that can overcome the chatter and limiting beliefs that occupy our self-talk – those voices in our heads…

I believe you took the time and made the effort to let me know how I can improve to help you.

Something tells me I WILL SEE YOU at the one-day Internet Millionaire Marketing Day – maybe even for the full 4 days including the Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp...

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist who is not perfect!


This is a prime example of what happens when you GIVE MASSIVE value up-front and do out-of-the-ordinary things that get you noticed. Sure sometimes people will pick on your shortcomings, errors and mistakes, but they do that BECAUSE they care and want more from what they’re doing.

Dan starts by saying “The kind of information that is promoted for your event is just what I need to learn for my business. I would much rather spend a day with a guru than spend months trying to teach myself by searching the web for the information.”

If Dan was just whinging and complaining, I would have just deleted the e-mail. I get a handful of those every year, as you’d expect with a database of TENS OF THOUSANDS…

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dan for creating this priceless blog post – as you well know, I could not have done it without him. That is another one of the strategies we teach at the Internet Millionaire Marketing event – take people’s contributions and BUILD VALUE for others.


eBay Specialist Wanted

A few of my clients have requested assistance with their eBay sales strategies and require the services of a ‘professional’ to take on their sales project on a project or commission-based model.

If you are an eBay seller and want to make an extra $500 to maybe even $5,000/month selling stuff on eBay, post a comment on this blog. I will put you in contact with the companies that are interested.

All companies will take care of fulfilment, returns and ensure satisfaction with money-back GUARANTEES.

If you are interested, please post a comment and tell me 3 things you don’t think the average person knows about selling stuff on eBay.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


All products sold are geared to professionals, business people and/or entrepreneurs – these are companies and individuals who want to augment their existing sales via the eBay channel. They are not selling to consumers.


YouTube = Compressing your Pathways To Profits

Yvonne McIntosh just launched her first YouTube video that explains Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This the first step in compressing her Pathways To Profits™ as she optimises the conversations she has with prospects. We teach this concept to our Platinum Members, but in summary, it’s all about automating any conversation you repeatedly have with your suspects, prospects and clients via video or audio technologies.

This is her 1 percent improvement for today. You can turn it into 5%, 10% or even 50% when you watch AND rate her video…

I recorded an interview with Yvonne that you will be able to listen to that explains what she is going to do for people who are NOT our clients.

Yes, you read that correctly – I have entered into a Host-Beneficiary Partnership Agreement with Yvonne to offer her services to people who DO NOT BUY from us.


Continue reading ‘YouTube = Compressing your Pathways To Profits’


Every 1% percent improvement counts

I recently uploaded two YouTube videos that are ‘product’ description videos for my Marc-Ka-Ching Kube™, definitely a long tail niche marketing product.

BEFORE I even posted the videos on my site, there were 16 views of the first video with NO effort at all. The second one is a ‘non-publicised’ video for people who buy the Marc-Ka-Ching Kube™ that IS public on YouTube.

Having people automatically view videos is pretty cool by itself, but more importantly what the video does for me is increase the visitor experience ON THE PAGE. A 21 second video increases the visitor experience by orders of magnitude.

Search engines such as Google love that. They know that if people stay on a page LONGER, it’s a BETTER PAGE = a higher ranking.

Bottom line, every 1 percent improvement counts because it adds up at the end of the year!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Did you know that 5% of Internet Marketers make more than the other 95% COMBINED? It’s a startling statistic, one that you can reverse for yourself by attending our Internet Millionaire Marketing Event in Melbourne on Saturday 6 December 2008.

The Internet is the easiest thing that’s hard to do.”

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