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UPW 10 Day Challenge MindMap

Paul Telling’s been at it again – he’s produced a Masterpiece for you to get on and WIN the Anthony Robbins 10-Day Challenge. Click on the LINK below to download Paul’s 10 Day Challenge MindMap. paultelling-upw10daychallenge Onward and upward! Dr Marc Dussault P.S. If you love the MindMap and get any breakthroughs, post a comment […]


Flipping Websites For Profit Presentation Mindmap

This past weekend, I was in Melbourne for the Unlimited Power event (see previous post) and there was this guy in the audience named Paul Telling who was taking notes, well in fact he was MindMapping. After my presentation, I got to chatting with him and noticed his MindMap. It’s an incredibly creative example of […]