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How to Compress Your Pathways To Profits

Today’s post is going to blow you away – it’s an accelerated time-lapse photography YouTube video of Paul Telling MindMapping our Flipping Websites For Profit MindMap for our Members page. What can I say other than “Wow!” This is what a creative mind on your team can do for you – Compress Your Pathways To […]


Leveraging YouTube Exponentially

Today’s post is a YouTube video blast from the past – all the way back to 2008. It was created by Paul Telling, artiste extraordinaire… You’ll be amazed at how much information can be packed into less than 3 minutes. it goes without saying that I fully and totally endorse Paul, but that’s not the […]


UPW 10 Day Challenge MindMap

Paul Telling’s been at it again – he’s produced a Masterpiece for you to get on and WIN the Anthony Robbins 10-Day Challenge. Click on the LINK below to download Paul’s 10 Day Challenge MindMap. paultelling-upw10daychallenge Onward and upward! Dr Marc Dussault P.S. If you love the MindMap and get any breakthroughs, post a comment […]