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.com.au or .com?

How country specific domain names effect SEO and Google AdWords performance

Many people ask me what implications “domain name class” have on SEO and Pay Per Click (e.g. Google AdWords) rankings and results.

“Domain name class” is another word for “Top Level Domain”, or the extension on the end of your domain name (e.g. .com, .net, .com.au).  In particular, you should know the implications that country code top level domains (or ccTLD for short) can have on your search engine marketing efforts.

ccTLDs and Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Should your “main” website URL be a .com.au if you’re primarily targeting Australia?

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Platinum Member converts $300 into $17,000 and counting!

This is an excerpt from an e-mail correspondence with Gavin Buckett, a Business Mastery Platinum Member who’s kicking one goal after another. I include it here with his permission, to illustrate that anyone can do this. Gavin’s investment was a measly $300…


At present just about all of my new prospects/clients are coming from my website and so far the projected ROI is quite significant.

I want to ensure that I am doing all that I can with my website to maximise my return. It is ironic really. When I was at the 2007 Bootcamp, I deliberately chose not to attend the Stephen Pierce day on the Friday, as I thought that I had no real role to play on the internet. After listening to him for 2 hours I was kicking myself for two reasons: (1) That I wasn’t staying for the Friday and (2) That I didn’t have a web presence.

I now have a web presence www.agbsolutions.com.au and thanks to some of the lessons learnt at UYMG in November this ONE STRATEGY now brings in MOST of my new clients!

Yes lesson learnt indeed and catching up fast.

I have had a huge learning curve since August 2007. I hadn’t even heard of Exponential Marketing Strategies, let alone Stephen Pierce. Leverage was something on a pokie machine and exponential sounded….expensive.

How things have changed.

I have just today had a verbal agreement with a new client in Brisbane, and I am currently trying to encourage a prospect in Sydney and Adelaide to “cross the line”. So far I have gained clients worth an initial $17,000 plus approximately $2,500 per year ongoing from about $300.00 of Google Adwords (to date), with the possibility of another $20,000 currently on the line. The Internet has so far been very,very good to me (touch wood).

Thanks Once again. I am on a wave at present and trying to maximize everything for as long as it lasts.

See you in four weeks,

Eat well. Eat safe!

Gavin Buckett
Founder and Managing Director
A.G.B Solutions Pty Ltd
Post Office Box 1078, Ashwood, Victoria, 3147
Mobile: 0422 922 883
Fax: 03 9813 8349
Web: www.agbsolutions.com.au
Email: gavin@agbsolutions.com.au