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Vaut mieux tard que jamais!

Better late than never… Check out this story on Skype’s new LIVE simultaneous translator tool

Pretty cool stuff n’est-ce pas?


Beware of Old Wine In New Bottles: SKYPE

I’ve been using Skype more and more, but as I do, some people just don’t get it. New technology means NEW ways of working. Not OLD wine in new bottles as one of my Ph.D. professors used to keep saying when academic research was just a re-hash of what we already knew…

Skype is powerful technology – but it can also KILL your productivity if you let it. BECAUSE it has IM chat capabilities, some people think they can just send me chat messages and EXPECT A RESPONSE….

Y’see that’s the same as taking all your phone or mobile calls directly – you end up being a receptionist.

Time value… I’ve discussed this so many times before, but it bears repeating…

What do you value your time at?

At the upcoming Exponential Extravaganza event, I’m going to go into this into more detail, but essentially it’s summarised that if you want to make $100,000/year, every hour you need to create $100 of value per hour. If you want to make $250,000/year, you need to create $250 of value per hour…

So how can you do that if you answer IM or TXT messages in real time?

Something to think about… Something someone with an Exponential Mindset™ considers VERY seriously…


Skype Your Way To Exponential Sales

If you’re thinking about getting TRULY Exponential about your business model, you need to take a serious look at Skype. I struggled with it a few years ago when the sound quality was dodgy at best, but now with high-speed broadband and wireless, it’s a must-have tool for every serious business person online and offline.

I closed my physical office last December as part of the transformation of my business from an effort-based model to a value-based model. I have contractors working remotely from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as though we were all in one place.

Skype allows us to do this effortlessly and the best part: IT’S FREE.

Say it with me… Ka-Ching!

If you want to scale your business, you need to use the latest and greatest tools. Skype is one of them.

Upgrade your skills and step into the ‘new’ dimension of the Virtual Corporation that can be scaled and leveraged – exponentially.