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Positive Power Wordles from UPW

Daniel Lizurek of Fast Profits prepared this list of Positive Power Words that were inserted into Wordle… Unstoppable Incredible Luscious Sexy Invincible Powerhouse Boundless Creative Passionate I~am~the~voice I~am~the~voice !~will~lead~not~follow !~will~lead~not~follow I~will~believe~not~doubt I~will~believe~not~doubt I~will~create~not~destroy I~will~create~not~destroy I~am~a~force~for~good I~am~a~force~for~good I~am~a~leader I~am~a~leader I~am~a~leader Set~a~new~standard Set~a~new~standard Defy~the~odds! Defy~the~odds! Step~up! Step~up! Step~up! Step~up! Step~up! Step~up! Step~up! Unstoppable Incredible Luscious Sexy Sexy […]


UPW 10 Day Challenge MindMap

Paul Telling’s been at it again – he’s produced a Masterpiece for you to get on and WIN the Anthony Robbins 10-Day Challenge. Click on the LINK below to download Paul’s 10 Day Challenge MindMap. paultelling-upw10daychallenge Onward and upward! Dr Marc Dussault P.S. If you love the MindMap and get any breakthroughs, post a comment […]


Last UPW in Australia in Sydney THIS September 2008

I suggest you get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable. Today’s post is going to be a classic. If you’ve been an Exponential Marketing Enthusiast™ on my database for some time, then you’ve seen the 10, 12, 16 or even 20 page e-mails I’ve sent. Now that I am blogging, I […]