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Make Money In Your Underpants BEFORE Your Morning Coffee

This is the dream most Internet Marketers have – a truly passive income business. An income stream that is independent of your personal effort. If this is what you would like to create, you need to evaluate investing in Virtual Real Estate. We’ve launched several initiatives and programs over the past two years and now have a blog to keep Virtual Real Estate Agents and Investors in tune with recent developments.

Take a quick look at the Flipping Websites For Profit Blog. You’ll see this is an active a growing community of people buying and selling virtual properties.

When you have a chance – maybe even right now, take a look at the Flipping Websites For Profit Program that teaches you how to make $100/hour on your way to creating $1,000/month of passive income while you develop a portfolio of properties that can generate up to $100,000/year.

Intrigued, but want to walk before you run?

Try the How To Flip Websites Home Study Course for only $27. The bonuses included are real time savers and worth having regardless if you flip websites or not.

To give you one more reason to consider this – the stock and property markets fell by 10 to 50% in 2008 – during this same period, Virtual Real Estate values climbed 10 to 30%… What does that tell you?

It’s something you MUST look into!


Get More Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

In the upcoming Flipping Websites For Profit Program that I am going to explain at the Investor Briefings in Sydney and Melbourne called Wealth Without Worries, I am going to spend 3 hours explaining why it’s easy to buy ‘Krappy’ Websites, turn them into ‘Kool Websites’ for 100% and 200% profit within hours or days. Want to SEE it for yourself how easy it is?

Look at this blog post about recession proofing your business. I’ve used at least 12 strategies that are TOTALLY FREE and took me less than 15 minutes to apply to get MORE FREE TRAFFIC to my blog INSTANTLY and GUARANTEE on-going FREE traffic ‘forever’…

That is why this model is a killer wealth creation vehicle. When you LEARN what to do, how to do it – it’s a non-stop, on-going passive income stream and that runs on auto-pilot…

I just thought I would share this with you BECAUSE there is another article in the SAME BRW Magazine that captures WHY this is even more of a NO-BRAINER…

2 out of 3 Small Businesses In Australia Still Are Not Internet “Savvy”

Small Business Internet Usage: Australia Continue reading ‘Get More Traffic To Your Blog Or Website’


How to Compress Your Pathways To Profits

Today’s post is going to blow you away – it’s an accelerated time-lapse photography YouTube video of Paul Telling MindMapping our Flipping Websites For Profit MindMap for our Members page.

What can I say other than “Wow!”

This is what a creative mind on your team can do for you – Compress Your Pathways To Profits™ in ways a common mortal can’t. That is the power of the Exponential Mindset™ enthusiast – to leverage this as a win-win-win solution.

Paul wins because he gets his persona and artwork in front of THOUSANDS and gets paid, I get massive value from such a creative source – reducing the training time for members and make it fun for them to get stuff done and my clients win because it makes it quicker and easier for them to make money.


I love it!

Onward and upward!

Please go to Paul Telling’s website now or post a comment here to let him know how cool his art is AND how creative the video is!

Of course if you want to START to learn how to flip websites for profit, click on the hyperlink and get started right away.


VIRTUAL Real Estate Empire Building Workshop in Brisbane SELLS OUT!

I know it’s rare, but the Brisbane session of the VIRTUAL Real Estate Empire Building Workshop in Brisbane has SOLD OUT!

We have all driven past a house that’s the ideal ‘fixer upper’.

We also have driven by the ideal house you want to live in.

AND we have all seen the ideal building to buy an investment property in.

Well guess what?

It’s the same thing with the Internet and VIRTUAL Real Estate.

We are looking for Virtual Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors who want to do the SAME THING, but from the comfort of their own home, when it suits them. We want you to decide how much you want to make either fixing up old websites, buying and selling websites or investing in income-producing websites.

As a Virtual Real Estate Agent, YOU pick what you want to do and we teach you the pitfalls to avoid, what to buy and what to do to MAXIMISE the profits you can make.
In the ‘real world’, you can spend $5,000 on landscaping and sell a property for a $20,000 higher profit. You can paint the house, change the fixtures and lay down some new carpet at a cost of $10,000 and sell the HOUSE for a $50,000 and even $100,000 or higher profit.

You know this is possible, you’ve either done it or know someone who has.

BUT it takes considerable CASH to do that in the ‘real world’ – upwards of $100,000 to $200,000 or very creative financing.

The good news is that on the Internet, it only costs HUNDREDS of dollars and the returns are often 100%, 200% and 500% when you know what to buy and what to do to improve the ‘fixer uppers’!

It gets better.

We’ve sourced the best ‘fixer uppers’, the ones you want to own and the ones that are cash cows you definitely want to invest in to generate on-going passive income.

…you won’t ever get access to these sites unless you attend the VIRTUAL Real Estate Workshops coming up in Sydney in TWO WEEKS and in Melbourne on Saturday May 3rd.

Just as real life units are sold ‘off the plan’, these hand-picked websites have been sourced, verified and vetted by our team of specialists SPECIFICALLY for the attendees to the workshops.

This series of introductory workshops is priced at $297 to make it irresistible for people who are action-oriented and are looking for an extra $3,000 to $7,000/month of income.


Onward and upward!

Becoming a VIRTUAL Real Estate Agent is a 3-step process. First you attend the Virtual Real Estate Empire Building Workshop. Second, you buy one or two websites fix them up and sell them to PAY for the workshop BEFORE your credit card bill is due.

Step #3 repeat over and over again as often as you wish.

So take step one now. Register while this opportunity is available.

You know as well as I do that you don’t drive past that ideal ‘fixer upper’ too often before someone has snatched it up at a rock bottom price and before you know it, it’s been transformed and you’ve missed out.

NOT because you didn’t think of it, but because you didn’t ACT WHEN YOU HAD THE IDEA.

It’s a measly $297 to get you on your way to a $300/hour VIRTUAL Real Estate Agent opportunity you can quickly grow into a second pay cheque that pays you $3,000 to $7,000/month.

Click the URL below NOW so you don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity at this introductory price of $297.

Of course if you’re really exponential in your thinking, you’ve come to realise that this is just another River of Revenue that you add to your wealth portfolio, along with your stocks and investment properties. This is another way to diversify WHILE increasing your returns.Think about it this way:

How much would you PAY for a unit that is POSITIVELY GEARED, generating $1,500/month?

$1.5 Million?

How much capital would you need to invest in a stock or stocks that generated $1,500/month or $18,000/year of dividends?

$360,000 (at a 5% dividend yield)

With VIRTUAL Real Estate, you can get that for $30,000.

Yes, $30,000 and it gets better. With VIRTUAL Real Estate, you can apply 10 to 20 Exponential Marketing Strategies that can GROW that $1,500 to $1,800/month, $2,400/month even $3,600 per month. That’s just NOT possible with REAL Real Estate or stocks.

The best thing is – it doesn’t take any substantial additional capital to do it… Just exponential strategies that are so simple and easy that even a fifth grader could do it!