Texting to get work

Let me state my bias right up front – I am not into texting or tweeting. I think Twitter is mostly a massive waste of time. Yes – I have a Twitter page and joined Twitter 2 years before it became mainstream.

However there are always exceptions to the rule, like this article in The Economist that explains how people Text for jobs – Very creative and entrepreneurial!

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  • I HATE twitter, but my business professor swears that for RIGHT NOW, it is a fairly essential part of building the business. I still hate it, but he, and you, both make sense. I guess I will be a twit if it makes me rich in the end. 🙂

  • It’s a fairly regular practice for keeping in touch with people about those small unimportant things, but Twitter is increasingly being used by businesses to connect with those people who want to be “in the know” about as much as possible as often as possible. I’ve only been trying this out for a little while, but some of my clients have given me some positive feedback about it.

  • It’s been pretty handy getting texts from my boss at the store, well… sometimes. At first I thought it was great for little things that weren’t enough to justify a phone call, but now he’s even using it from his office when he’s stuck on conference calls… I don’t get any rest!

  • I don’t check twitter every day or anything. In fact, I only use it when I post an article on my blog. I wrote an article the other day and 28 people “tweeted” it for me. So as a social networking tool and as a tool for spreading your message and even getting links back to your site I think it’s valuable. Do back links in Twitter count though? I haven’t found any information about this.

    • Hi Robert,

      Everything you do online counts – whether or not it’s hardlinked back to your website or blog. Every single Tweet is archived forever. That means it’s indexed and has value. Whether or not it gets linked back to your site with the same level of authority is a great question. I will look into the latest research on this since the search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to make sure they stay one step ahead of Black Hat SEO cheaters. This is one of the many tips, tools and techniques that I teach my clients. As you can well understand, I can’t give away ALL the keys to the vault on a free, public blog!

      • I just double-checked and the answer is that Twitter has NoFollow links, but SEO experts agree that they still have value, mainly because it means your link is accessible to more people and therefore improves your ranking with increased traffic and other secondary effects.

        That being said, unless you have a lot of ACTIVE followers, it’s probably not the easiest nor the fastest way to get results… But that’s a discussion for another day.

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