Thank You Says It All

We all know that saying thank you improves customer service… However doing it online sometimes is a little more difficult to do. Recently, Apple ‘thanked me for filling a customer service survey’…

I thought it was such a great way of saying thank you that I wanted to share it with you – to say thank you for reading this blog!

Thank You

Thank You

This is one of my favourite types of strategies – the LITTLE THINGS that make a BIG DIFFERENCE. I am going to incorporate this with all my product thank you pages – if that increases customer service and repeat business by just 1 percent, it means thousands of dollars, but MORE IMPORTANTLY it means happier clients.

That is one of the fundamental principles of Exponential Marketing – ADDING VALUE every step of the way – EVEN after the transaction is complete.

After all a satisfied client can give you a referral and come back to buy something else…

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  • On that note, I’d like to thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities that life outside the corporate world has to offer and driving forward my vision to take the big step of moving from the corporate world to the challenging world of flying solo and never looking back.

    Thanks Marc, and keep up the excellent work! Onwards and upwards, 1% at a time! That’s my biggest takeaway from your coaching.

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