The Top Website Mistake

As an Exponential Growth Strategist, I come across people who need help. In some cases a LOT of help, but the #1 problem most people have who are NOT getting results on the Internet make this #1 mistake. It’s disarmingly simple, yet they ignore this #1 mistake to their own detriment.

This #1 Website Mistake kills more profits than anything else.

The #1 Website Mistake: They don’t know what their website is supposed to do.

They think they can just put up a ‘sales page’ and sell anything because there are at least X thousand people who want it. WRONG.

No one buys just to buy.


Too many people think because the Internet is global, they are going to create the ‘next big thing’… They forget that the Internet is just a tool.

The ONLY way you can make money on the Internet is to GIVE MORE VALUE than you charge for your product or service. It’s simple transactional dynamics.

Lots of people are willing to pay you $27 it you give them HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars of VALUE.

But they need to be shown, convinced this is the case.

Take this blog for example – I give you post after post after post ideas, tips and techniques to grow your online income and avoid mistakes and pitfalls. I do that for FREE.


Because I know that by doing that a SMALL percentage of you will take the next step and purchase something from me and THEN you’ll start to get the extra-ordinary results I talk about.

You’re sitting there, on the sidelines watching this happen and YOU DECIDE when you’re ready to get on the playing field. When you’re ready, I’ll be there. Next to you helping you to make your next $100,000 or even $1,000,000.

But that doesn’t happen by just reading a blog. I know that and you know that. If you didn’t know that… Oops!

The point is simple and to the point.

Stop trying to find the ‘next big thing’ – you’re not that smart. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book Outliers and you’ll quickly understand the odds are stacked against you.

Success is NOT about the ‘next big thing’ – especially on the Internet. It’s about selling one $27 ebook per week, then 1 per day. at 1/day = $10,000/ year.

If you had 10 e-books selling 1/day, that’s $100,000/year of income.

But that’s not going to happen UNLESS it has MASSIVE VALUE.

Otherwise everyone’s going to ask for refunds.

When you tap into something that you are passionate about – success will emerge.

So get clarity and DETERMINE what you want your website to do… Need help? Join our entry-level Internet Mastery Silver Momentum Membership – it’ll help you find your way and then how to monetise that path.

In my next blog post I’ll explain the #2 mistake people make….

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