Top 10 YouTube Tips

I am sure you enjoy this and my other blogs. They are filled with information that would otherwise take you hours to find and in many cases, there is no way you would ever find them on your own. The reason is that I have HUNDREDS of contributors to my blogs from around the world… Take this blog post about 10 You Tube URL Tricks You Should Know About. Unless you were searching for that, you’d never even think of it.

That’s why it’s valuable to have a business coach, advisor or mentor who does this for you, automatically and systematically.

In my case, I am The Exponential Growth Strategist which means I find stuff that makes the difference and gives you options to choose from. Like this YouTube Channel link.

The question then becomes – are you ready to take these tips to the next level and make them work for you to create exponential growth for your business and/or online sales channel?

If you are, then consider the Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp – when you attend as a VIP Ticket Holder, we’ll guarantee that you’ll make $30,000 GUARANTEED in the next 12 months.

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  • The ten URL tricks you should know about really are tricks you should know about — especially if you’re using Youtube videos on your blog or whatever. I’ve often wondered how people link to a specific part of a video so viewers don’t have to watch the whole thing to get to the important parts. Now I know. And the tip about embedding only part of a video will come in handy too. Thanks Marc, I can see you are living up to your promise to deliver the 1% differences that can make all the difference.

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