UPW 10 Day Challenge MindMap

Paul Telling’s been at it again – he’s produced a Masterpiece for you to get on and WIN the Anthony Robbins 10-Day Challenge.

Click on the LINK below to download Paul’s 10 Day Challenge MindMap.


Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault


If you love the MindMap and get any breakthroughs, post a comment here to let Paul know!

2 Responses to “UPW 10 Day Challenge MindMap”

  • Marc,

    Thanks for forwarding Paul Telling’s summary of the 10 Day Challenge.

    Not sure it’s actually a mind map BUT, who cares! It’s an excellent summary and I’ve already printed it of on my colour laser and will be using it!

    Thanks Paul! … and Marc!



  • Hi Marc,

    This is really cool, it is definitely beneficial to put the whole 10 days challenge principles and rules into 1 page that looks great and fun. It emphasizes the learning journey and also having fun while doing it, and the benefits to our health will definitely massive.


    Paul: you rock!!

    Rainier M. Pancrazio of http://www.besthealththerapy.com

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