Virtual Autopsy

This blog’s main focus is Internet Mastery – anything that has to do with the Internet for business purposes. Today’s YouTube video is another example of the strides we’re making with Virtuality – doing things that were once impossible. Watch the video and I’ll get to why this is important for you and your business.

The reason this is important to you and your business is…As new technology comes around, you need to determine if you’re going to be on the leading edge or a follower.

As a leader, you need to remain a subscriber to blogs like this one that gives you x-ray vision into the future – I call it developing 20/20 foresight…

It’s like have a copy of the exam BEFORE you have to sit it!

If you’re keen to know what’s coming so you can be ready, you’ll want to check out my Linked In Profile and take a look at my Reading List. Several books on my list involve finding out what’s coming before your competitors ever get wind of it! Don’t worry – I won’t tell them…

Unless of course they become a client before you do.

Then all I can say is…


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