What’s In A Domain Name?

Most companies automatically choose their company name as their domain name. While that’s a wise move, it’s often a BIG mistake to stop there. In fact you could be losing as much as 75% of your leads because of it – keep reading if you want to avoid making this Internet Marketing Mistake!

Testing multiple domain names and picking the one that performs best (for example, in Google AdWords ads) is a very profitable strategy.

One of our clients, Gavin Buckett, is in the food safety auditing business.

Gavin’s company name was AGB Solutions, and his domain name was agbsolutions.com.au.

The problem with that domain name is that it violates many of the rules that distinguish profitable domain names from ordinary ones.

The best domain names:

  • Are easy to remember
  • Are easy to spell
  • Communicate something about what you and how you benefit your clients
  • Are credible
  • Produce high response in pay-per-click and other ads

After some brainstorming and discussion, we decided to test the original domain name (agbsolutions.com.au) against two alternatives:

GourmetGuardian.com.au and AustralianFoodSafety.com.au

The results were astonishing.

AustralianFoodSafety.com.au outperformed the previous domain name by 400% in terms of Click Through Rates and conversions from Google ads alone.

To put that in perspective, that means that every dollar invested in search engine marketing now produces FOUR TIMES the return.

This is one of the website optimisation steps that has allowed Gavin to eliminate his previously heavy dependence on low-margin contracting work in favour of high-margin direct engagements and grow his revenue by 269% in the last 12 months.

You can read more details about Gavin’s success in this case study from Marketing Results our preferred Internet Marketing Strategists

When it comes to optimising your online marketing process, EVERYTHING counts… and you should ideally be testing two or three things at any onetime to beat your best and generate more web leads for less money.

Of course the question then becomes “What do I do about my corporate branding?”

Stay tuned for that in my Business Mastery Blog, coming up soon!

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