Why People Fail ‘On’ The Internet

I just finished staging a 4-day event called Advanced Business Mastery. It was a full-on event with Australia’s most committed entrepreneurs. The amazing thing about it is that they ‘get something’ that most people don’t – especially people ‘on’ the Internet… They ‘get it’ because they spent 4 full days writing, drawing, sketching and mindmapping their Business Building Blueprint. That’s right – a BUSINESS BUILDING Blueprint.

A Blueprint that encompasses every single element to create a business ’empire’ not unlike putting up a skyscraper.

But here’s the thing they got that most Internet Marketers don’t.

Internet Marketers get enamored with the Internet – thinking the Internet is something magical. It’s not.

It’s no more magical than the radio was, the television, the telephone, the mobile, the personal computer, the fax.

All are TOOLS for people to do what people do.

To think it’s about the TOOL, well makes you a TOOL. Sorry about that.

But I’m totally serious.

My clients know and ‘get’ that people only want ONE THING and that is VALUE. VALUE for more, VALUE for time. The Internet is just a VEHICLE to deliver that VALUE – the vehicle on it’s own has NO VALUE.

Think about the fax machine – 1 fax machine has NO VALUE, 2, 3 or even 10 fax machines has MARGINAL VALUE. The VALUE comes from – you guessed it… “Everyone having a fax” NOT the fax itself. I’ll prove it to you – what is the world’s #1 selling fax?


That’s my point – NO ONE cares. It’s NOT about the fax, never was, never will be.

It’s not about the Internet either. Never was, never will be.

Therein lies the dilemma with Internet Marketers who have been duped into thinking it’s about the Internet… Internet Marketers are programmed to keep buying $27 and $47 products that reinforce the ‘FAX’ mentality…

Why? Because there are thousands of so-called Internet Marketers selling $27 and $47 FAXES.

I know.

I know you get it (now).

I know you feel somewhat duped, taken advantage of, exploited.

Get over it.

Now that you KNOW you KNOW, you can do something about it.

Learn what the top 5% Internet Marketers are doing to make MORE than the other 95% combined.

Come to this year’s 2009 Exponential Business Building Bootcamp to learn the Exponential Marketing Strategies that will establish you as the premier TOP provider of VALUE via ANY channel including the Internet.

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Psst! You may have noticed that I am doing less and less ‘FREE public events’…

Remember Mr Tony Robbins? He used to come to Australia EVERY YEAR for Unleash The Power Within – The Firewalk Experience – NEVER AGAIN…

That’s a hint to come see me while the sessions are FREE. They are less and less frequent (about 2/3 less than last year…).

Like Tony’s exit from Australia – once it’s over… It’s over.

Just want you to know – I am not planning on retiring (again) anytime soon, but performing for free – well I’ve already reduced it by 2/3 with the goal of eliminating it completely from my schedule as soon as possible.

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