“You never get a second chance…” or do you?

We’ve all heard the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression…” It’s a powerful dictum. So much so that it resonates the reality that second chances are indeed rare. That’s why the FINAL ENCORE PERFORMANCE of The Exponential Extravaganza is so special. What’s even more special are the Internet-based announcements I’ve revealed at the event. For example, I am going to stop all my Internet Marketing Events with the 2010 Internet Marketing Bootcamp being the last one I ever stage.

Yep, that’s right. I am leaving the spruiker infested waters that are overflowing with the Internet get rich quick schemers who want to turn you into the next information product millionaire making money in your underpants or while you sleep!

I am totally over it – not the Internet – the spruiker speakers.

I just can’t be even remotely associated with that kind of misrepresentation and amoral behaviour.


I am going full steam ahead with the strategies that the top 5% of businesses use to make the most of their online sales channels, generating profits and revenues that out-perform the other 95% combined.

That means doing things that no-one else is doing. I call it being antimimeticisomorphic. Doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results.

Out of the ordinary things like NOT doing any more Internet Marketing events – keeping all the Exponential Strategies SECRET for my most elite Platinum Program Members – real businesses who leverage the Internet to get real people to buy from them.

So there you have it – ONE of the reasons you want to attend The Exponential Extravaganza – to learn some of the strategies that will soon no longer be available… Unless you step up to the Platinum Membership level, which of course is always an option, but one that would be easier for you to make if you had an overview of what’s involved… That’s what The FINAL ENCORE of The Exponential Extravaganza is all about – the last chance to get the overview of what it means to have an “Exponential Mindset”, creating results that baffle onlookers…

I mean c’mon, how can:

  • A tradie launch his firs twebsite, become a world-class blogger in less than a year, get on National TV because of it and increase sales 25% while competitors are downsizing?
  • A consumer-based service company in a small town compete against a NATIONAL competitor with a $250,000 NATIONAL ad budget with a measly $20,000 web strategy?
  • A start up be turning every $1 in Google Adwords into $50 of sales within the first 3 months of getting started?
  • Another startup be creating a fully virtual company out of thin air, matching a $100 million/year competitor blow-for-blow with twice the sales conversion ratio and less than 1/10th the staff?
  • A consultant who was building a business no-one would ever buy into a virtual sales system that generates 4 times the sales and could be sold for upwards of $500,000 in less than 24 months?
  • A technical service based company that would have gone to the wall if it had not been for the Internet Strategies deployed in the nick of time, now those strategies are landing BIG corporate contracts his tiny competitors can’t even bid on!?!?!

All of these entrepreneurs and businesses got a second chance with the Internet.

Your second chance is to attend The Exponential Extravaganza – especially if you have not seen me speak in the last 2 years. What we’re doing now on the Internet has progressed so much that you might fall off your chair when I reveal some of the things we’ve been doing.

But this is it – the FINAL ENCORE and only in Sydney. Do whatever it takes to get there.

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