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Today’s exponential idea is from Dean Stephenson who just competed at the World Natural Body Building Championships In New York – placing an amazing 7th place in his FIRST International competition!!!

If you want to get fit, healthy and get that sexy six pack without doing situps, check out his website once you’ve read this blog post!



Just before I flew out of NY, I bought an amazing little product called flip video and I instantly thought of you.

Basically it is a small and light, dedicated pocket sized video camera that shoots video in YouTube format, compatible with both PCs and Macs but the beauty is that you can hook it up to a computer via the built-in USB stick that also recharges it! holds about 1 hour of footage and has a 2 x optical zoom.

Extremely user friendly and would make an ideal start for any technophobe looking to make good quality videos with the simplicity of an iPod. I paid $155 USD for mine so a very low entry price…
check it out at

If Dean likes it, it’s gotta be good – he’s that kind of guy – calls it like it is and ONLY endorses products and services he thinks are great or outstanding.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Sometimes it’s something a simple as having the right camera that you need to propel you forward. It’s called a catalyst, the spark that sets off the explosion – the explosion of results and profits.

If you do buy one, please post a comment to let others know how it’s worked out for you – what you ended up filming and of course including the YouTube URL of the video!!!

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  • Thank you for this information. I had been doing my best to find out what you had to do to make a YouTube clip. This is certainly something that I want to follow up.

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