Your Hard Disk Has Crashed!

Without wanting to sound alarmist, imagine if your laptop or computer hard disk crashed RIGHT NOW. How would you recover? How long would it take you to get your backups up and running? Today’s post is NOT about data or disaster recovery or an advertisement for Apple’s Time Machine that creates backups automatically for you –

It’s about creating a passive income business…

Guess what? Backups and a passive income business are related – when you design your ONLINE SYSTEM to be completely web-enabled, your laptop’s hard disk becomes completely irrelevant.

Sound impossible? It isn’t.

I teach our Internet Mastery Silver Massive Momentum Members exactly how to do that.

make sure you learn how – before your hard disk crashes.

Because it will – it’s just a question of WHEN.

Then it’ll be a question of how will it cost you in aggravation, lost data, time, effort and opportunity.

That’s where an Exponential Mindset comes in – having multiple redundancies BUILT-IN so your income is BULLET-PROOF…

I’ll reveal some of these strategies in future blog posts, but if you want to make sure you protect yourself and your income – consider joining the Internet Mastery Silver Massive Momentum Program – at $97/month I am sure you’d agree it’s worth it if the next time your hard disk crashes it’s irrelevant

If not, well… Sorry.

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  • Hi Marc,

    Great topic. I think it was either Mr Hewlett or Mr Packard who pointed out that there were 2 classes of computer user; those who had already lost data, and those who were going to.

    For those who use a PC, there are some similar products. The one we use is Shadow Protect by Storage Craft This works taking a snapshot of your system regularly then updating that snapshot frequently. The intervals are selectable. We set our update interval to weekly snapshot and updates every 2 hours and all our PCs are protected like this. The shadow copy can live on a local server or NAS drive, external FTP site, whatever.

    We have even used it to recover a document that was edited and we decided to revert it. So you can grab whole systems or just the files you want.

    However, even if the shadow copies are initially local,

    We copy locally and then clone the copies and store them offsite. Otherwise an incident like a fire will take out the original data and the backups will go with it.

    Also, a thief may steal the computers AND the backups.

    Ray Keefe

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