Welcome to the Download Page for the Case Study: “How I went from 0 to 300 subscribers in 90 days”

This is an Internet Mastery Case Study that you can download for free, but you have to FIND the password...

The password is at www.OnlyFunnyStories.com and is directly under this image...

The Wizard's Wisecracks

Go there now and check out the page, have a look around.

As an Internet Marketer, there are a few things I want to point out to you.

  • I could have given you the download without getting you to Yvonne’s site. That would not have been Exponential. Any additional traffic the site gets improves her ranking at no cost to you. It’s just one click, not too much to ask for you to get the FREE CASE STUDY.
  • Once you are there. Take a look around. Click on a few DIFFERENT funny stories. You’ll notice that the Google Ads are DIFFERENT for each story. Click on the ads to see what’s behind them so you can appreciate the LINK between the COPY – in this case the FUNNY STORY, the AD and the SALES PAGE. This is what our Internet Mastery Program is all about – teaching people HOW to optimise their Marketing...

There are about 10 other aspects of this site that I explain in detail at our 4-day Internet Technical Mastery Event – an Event reserved for our elite Platinum Members. If you’re interested to know what the top 5% Internet Marketers are doing to make MORE MONEY than the other 95% combined, you’ll want to consider becoming a Platinum Member.

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault


An Exponential Mindset is about doing out-of-the-ordinary things to get extra-ordinary results. So if you’re getting tired of struggling to make money on the Internet – get with the program – the Internet Mastery Program to do what works – what will put money into your bank account.

You have to admit this strategy is brilliant – if you don’t go to the site, you’ll never know how Yvonne went from 0 to 300 subscribers in 90 days.

If you do go to the site, you’ve given her a traffic boost and you’ll have learnt several distinctions in the process.

It’s win-win-win.

I win because it’s my case study – Yvonne is my client who I am helping get extra-ordinary results. Yvonne wins because she gets FREE traffic to her site. You win because you get a valuable case study AND get to participate in an Exponential Strategy.

Cool isn’t it?

It’s the only way to do things – EXPONENTIALLY – Ka-Ching!

Type in the password here to access Yvonne’s case study (Note the password is all in uppercase).