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News Flash: Recent Virtual Real Estate Workshop
In Sydney Received RAVE REVIEWS. Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne Workshops Selling Out FAST

The recent Virtual Real Estate Empire-Building Workshop in Sydney received rave reviews... 28 attendees learned the nuts and bolts of how to "buy" revenue streams and customers by purchasing existing websites (plus how to double or triple your money in 12 months or less by optimising the websites you buy using our two 32-point Traffic and Conversion checklists.

A LIVE website auction was held, where 6 attendees came away with their first chunk of "Virtual Real Estate" ON THE DAY...

3 attendees even stepped up to "Diamond Membership" and will be taking Virtual Real Estate to a whole new level.  The expectation is that they will acquire a portfolio of income-generating sites that will provide an ongoing residual income STARTING at $2,500/month or $30,000/year that they will then increase to $50,000 to $100,000 of PASSIVE INCOME within the next 12 months...

Exciting Stuff! Reserve your place now to avoide missing out on the one-time-only Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne Virtual Real Estate Empire-Building Workshops

If you've ever wanted to create a lavish income online - one that pays you $100,000 or more per year, with as little or as much direct involvement as you like - then this may be the most important letter you read all year.

Over the coming weeks, you have the opportunity to attend the FIRST full-day Workshop series in either Sydney, Gold Coast or Melbourne entirely devoted to Virtual Real Estate.

The term Virtual Real Estate may be new to you, but it simply means the buying, optimising and selling of established websites that are ALREADY MAKING MONEY.

Just like a property investor buys and sells property for cashflow and capital gain, the Virtual Real Estate Mogul buys and sells "Virtual" property. But here's the thing...

Virtual Real Estate websites can and do generate $1 per year in income (or more) for every dollar invested. That means you buy a website for $3,000 and it pays you an income of $3,000 each and every year for as long as you hold it...(and that's BEFORE you've even started optimising the income stream!)

And what's more... you can start small with as little as $2,000 "seed capital" and use the optimisation strategies detailed in the Virtual Real Estate Empire Building Workshop to boost your cashflow and parlay your profits into more web properties.

Then it's just rinse and repeat... rinse and repeat... until you acquire the number of websites that spit out the income you desire.

Several "Early Adopter" Virtual Real Estate Gurus Are Well On Their Way To Building A $100,000 Passive Income In 12 Months Or Less... Will You Be Next To Join Their Ranks...?

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Empire Building Workshop

Gold Coast - Sunday 5th October

Virtual Real Estate Empire Building Workshop

All workshops start at 10 AM and finish at 5 PM

Gold Coast - Sunday 5th October
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The Virtual Real Estate Model Is As Simple As 1-2-3

With the Virtual Real Estate model you will:

  1. Acquire an established website that is already generating income and/or profit (We show you where to find these websites, how to decide whether or not the website is a "good buy" and how to purchase WITHOUT losing your shirt).
  2. Increase revenue, profit, growth and other factors by optimising the website using the strategies you'll learn during the Virtual Real Estate Empire Building Workshop. (You get a step-by-step PROCESS for optimising websites that works on ANY website in ANY market.)
  3. Either hold the website for cashflow or sell for a profit. (We show you how to come out on top when you're on the selling side of the transaction too!).

Why You Need To Pay Attention To
The Virtual Real Estate Model

Whether or not you're one of the 24 Internet Entrepreneurs in the room at the Virtual Real Estate Empire Workshop, this is a model that is going to be BIG and which you ought of be aware of.

Virtual Real Estate is a business model that rewards a different skill set than other models such as niche information product marketing.

  • By buying established web businesses, you eliminate the expensive and time-consuming process of identifying and testing potential niches.
  • Many established websites can be purchased for as little 12 months’ revenue - an extremely low multiple compared with “offline” businesses.
  • The cost of entry is low. Many established websites are available for purchase in the US$500 – US$5,000 range.
  • Most existing online businesses are so poorly optimised that you can increase cashflow and asset value quickly and easily by applying a set of proven web optimisation techniques and strategies which you will learn at the Virtual Real Estate Empire Building Workshop.

What are the keys to success with Virtual Real Estate?

Your Virtual Real Estate business model has two components:

  • Trading: identifying opportunities, conducting due diligence, buying and selling websites.
  • Optimising: improving the cashflow and asset value of your website(s)

Optimising web properties is actually very straightforward when you apply the step-by-step traffic generation and traffic monetization strategies you learn during the Virtual Real Estate Empire Building Workshop.

"Here Are Just Some of the Profit-Producing
Secrets You'll Learn At The
Virtual Real Estate Empire Building Workshop..."

  • How to sniff out buying opportunities - how and where to find the ripest and juiciest websites for sale. The more opportunities you have to choose from, the better your results!
  • Due diligence checklist - you get a tick-the-boxes checklist for assessing the upside, downside, opportunities and threats when considering a website to buy.
  • How to control your risk - when you operate in the "Virtual World", there are things you MUST KNOW to avoid being "taken to the cleaners" by unscupulous website sellers. We tell you what they are so you DON'T have to learn the hard way.
  • Traffic Optimisation Checklist - 32+ strategies for driving hoards of extra traffic to your Virtual Real Estate websites. This is your first "lever" for growing the monthly cashflow of your websites...
  • Traffic Monetization Checklist - 32+ strategies for increasing average visitor value - this is your second BIG lever for boosting your profits.

Your investment for the entire day of instruction plus workshop materials is only $995, which is a very nominal price to pay to learn the Virtual Real Estate Secrets that have taken others years to learn as you build your passive income stream...

Even if you only executed the Virtual Real Estate strategy as a "hobby" and came away with a passive income of only $10,000 within 12 months - wouldn't you agree that a 30-to-1 return on your workshop investment was well worth it?

Where else will you find an investment that pays $30 for every $1 you invest? If you know of one, let me know and I'll invest right now!

By now you should know whether or not the Virtual Real Estate Strategy model is for you. This is your opportunity to learn PROVEN strategies from the ground up - so you can flip websites in days and weeks for 50% to 100% profit, over and over again - BEFORE these strategies become "common knowledge".

Register now and I look forward to meeting you on the day.

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault

Dr Marc Dussault
Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist

P.S. The Virtual Real Estate model works worse the more people who know about it. Be one of the first to know how to turn electrons into cash and build your own Virtual Real Estate Empire.

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