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Date / Time Wednesday 20 June
6:00 PM til 9:00 PM
Registration from 5:30pm
Venue Hyde Park Forum
271 Elizabeth Street
Near Liverpool Street


Date / Time Wednesday 27 June
6:00 PM til 9:00 PM
Registration from 5:30pm

Marriott Hotel
Cnr Lonsdale & Exhibition Streets


You’ll also receive bonuses worth up to $497. These bonuses are ‘secret bonuses’ – I won’t even list them on this page because the point is NOT to book your seat for the BONUSES, but to get the BONUSES as…. a BONUS!


Because I want to get you started on your wealth creation path ASAP, I�m going to reward EARLY registrants with MORE and BETTER bonuses, whereas late registrants won�t get them all. If I list the bonuses here, I�m just going to create problems for myself�

I want to reward you for registering SOONER and don�t want the backlash from late registrants.

This event is about CREATING a $100,000/year Protected Passive Profit Portfolio � if you get hung up on little details like this � THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

If you�re excited and want to start making 100%, 200% and 300% with this system � Register now by clicking the button below and start your Virtual Real Estate Empire...

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If you plan to implement this system with a friend, spouse or colleague, bring them along. Due to the exclusivity and limited seating for this event, we have to be strict on seating – venues have been pre-booked and we’re expecting to sell out.

By the way, this is NOT for thousands of people. The top of the earning and wealth pyramid is just NOT that big. That's why it's the TOP.

We’re only looking for another 10 SMART Investors across Australia.

In 2008, we were only able to accommodate a total of 30 Australian Investors before the Virtual Real Estate Properties were all snapped up… That was the Excelsior I project. That was only 10 in Sydney, 10 in Melbourne and a handful in Brisbane.

In 2009 and 2010, we didn't even go to Brisbane and sold out the Excelsior II project.

Now we're introducing The GRID - the next generation of exponential leverage on the Internet that puts Social Networking to shame.

If you want to know more about how The GRID takes Virtual Real Estate into a completely new realm, you'll need to attend the Investor Briefing. It's so powerful we're not allowing anyone but our clients to fully understand what it is.

It's called creating 'first mover advantage' and it's what we do for out elite VIP and Platinum Members.

All I can say is - we're using The GRID for ALL our clients. It's simply that valuable (Ka-Ching!)

Once the program is SOLD OUT, that’s it. It’s gone!

Confused about why a program like this would sell out? GREAT QUESTION…

We are renowned for creating RESULTS. Our Platinum Program has a 300% RESULTS-BASED GUARANTEE. No one else in Australia offers a RESULTS-BASED GUARANTEE.

They offer a satisfaction guarantee and get 20, 30% and some even 50% refunds. Our refunds are LESS than 1% because we do something different.

We do everything we can to give you an edge and advantage over the competition. For the Wealth Without Worries event, it means LIMITING the number of people who get this knowledge so the prices are NOT artificially pushed up.

What’s the point of selling this to 100 people at once and everyone out-bidding each other and paying TOP DOLLAR for properties?


So what we do is LIMIT the number of people we teach, keep the prices LOW so our clients BUY LOW and SELL HIGH…

That’s why this is an event you don’t want to miss. Last year it completely sold out and we didn’t do a second round of presentations.

Don’t miss out this year and get left behind – there aren’t many wealth creation opportunities available that work in a recession… and this one’s gonna last a while for those who get in now!