52 Weeks.
4 Areas of Growth.
1 Master Coach.
A New Destiny For You, Your Family, Your Business.

Dr Marc Dussault—the man who has generated over $200 Million in wealth for his clients, travelled to more than 36 countries, never taken a sick day in the past 20 years invites YOU to discover his proven strategies for personal and professional success.


2021 - My Best Year Ever!

...an incredible 12-month program to achieving
mind-blowing success in the 4 critical areas of your life —
Join hundreds of people who have changed their lives,
fast-tracked their careers and boosted their business profits
with this simple, easy-to-follow system

Dear fellow achiever,

I love new beginnings.

That moment when you close the door on the obstacles and constraints that have been holding you back—and find yourself staring at a blank slate and a world of limitless opportunities.

I guess that's why I love New Year's so much. It's a once-a-year chance to make a fresh start, to let go of failures, frustrations, and friction—and begin all over again.

In fact, I credit New Year's Resolutions for my remarkable success in life. Over the past 20 years, I've created strong, aggressive resolutions...resolutions about my businesses, my finances, my wellness, and my personal life.

And I've pursued them tenaciously.

No, I use them as a major driving force in my life.

And each year, I've achieve them.

As a result, I've built a hell of a life for myself. For example...

  • I've generated more than $200 Million in personal wealth for my clients, becoming financially independent in the process, retiring from the ‘Rat Race' at age 42.
  • I've traveled to over 36 countries while exploring some of the most exotic destinations on the planet.
  • I created and distributed over $1 Million in products via the Internet in my first 12 months online, developing 66 products delivered through 85 different pathways that generate income 24/7/365.
  • I have been the proud owner of 6 different BMWs over the years.
  • I've never taken a sick day in over 20 years.
  • I've been mortgage-free since my early 20s.
  • I have 5 university degrees, an Engineering degree, an Executive MBA, a Doctorate in Business Administration, a post-graduate Law Degree from the prestigious University of New South Wales and a Graduate Diploma in corporate governance.
  • I was ranked in the top 10 Masters Squash Players in the world, winning Australian Masters Games Silver and Gold Medals in 2009 and 2011 respectively and winning a Pan Pacifics Masters Games Silver Medal in 2012 all within 5 years of competitive training and practice. Wouldn’t you like to get results THAT FAST?
  • ...And the list goes on.

I'm not telling you this to brag—but to show you what's possible. 

Because when you employ proven strategies for achieving success in EVERY aspect of your life, nothing can hold you back.

Monthly Momentum MessageThat's why I want to invite you to join me on an incredible expedition into personal and professional success.

I'm talking about a 52-week program, guided and coached by me PERSONALLY, that will show you EXACTLY the steps you need to take to create the kind of happy, fulfilled life I and others like me have.

And I want to invite you to come along for the special price of $49.95.

Think of it as my New Year's Gift to you.

What Is This Gift?

Once a week, for the next 12 months, I'm going to send you a powerful email with success-building insights and strategies in each of the 4 major areas of growth: professional, financial, health, and personal.

Each succinct and engaging email provides you with powerful success-oriented insights you can implement in your life immediately. In fact, at the end of every one, you'll receive a specific ACTION ITEM that you will be expected to DO so you can achieve maximum results.

Free Gift

Each email builds on the last—so you get a complete roadmap to success that will help you make incredible progress FAST.

By the time you've spent just a week or two in the program, you'll find you'll look forward to each new email, tearing into it with the kind of drive and tenacity you need to create massive change in your life.

In just a few minutes a month, you'll discover...

  • How to make a killer first impression so you always have people eating out of your hand...
  • A powerful secret that can make you look younger and slimmer instantly...
  • How to eliminate personal and business debt in half the time...
  • An incredible mindset shift that will forever eliminate the words "I can't afford it" from your vocabulary...
  • How to attract awards, accolades, and recognition from your clients, bosses, and colleagues WITHOUT being a publicity hound...
  • How to quickly and easily get what you want from anyone—WITHOUT manipulation or intimidation...
  • Wondering how some people always seem to have everything together? BE that person...
  • Business, professional, and financial tools that that will help you live the lifestyle of your dreams...
  • How to take the vacations you want, drive the cars you want, and live in the neighborhoods you want...
  • An approach to wellness that will allow you to save thousands on the cost of doctors and medications over the course of your lifetime...
  • How to be attractive to anyone whose eye you're trying to catch...
  • Secrets of people who always have all the energy they need—and some to spare...
  • And much more!
  • I retired at 42. I'm going to show you how I did it, one week at a time to make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

Best Year Product BoxMy 52-Week Program Gives You Everything You Need to Leap Over Obstacles Most People Trip And Fall Over!

During the course of the next 52 weeks, I promise I will never "hard-sell" you into anything.

This is excellent information that will help you build the success you've been longing for .

Look, I built my success step-by-step through a process of trial and error. Now I'm shortcutting that process for you! What I would have given for that kind of valuable information back then!

My hope is that you'll be able to create the kind of life I have, but do it even FASTER.

Component #1: Marc’s Monthly Momentum Message

Monthly Momentum MessageThese 12 monthly motivational messages are classically designed so that you can place them in your cubicle or next to your desk at the office, on your bathroom mirror or home office whiteboard.

Each month, you get a different message to focus on. As you will learn in this program, you will be triggering your Reticular Activation System to create results with less effort than ever before…

Component #2: Weekly e-mails on the four dimensions of professional and personal mastery.

These e-mails are not just something you get in your inbox, scan and delete. They are based on my 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine Principle explained in the two videos below. Each message gets you focused on the 1% that will make a difference. This coaching system has become legendary in our Business and Internet Mastery curricula.

The four dimensions that will be covered include:

Professional Development – This subscription will involve you as a career person or entrepreneur with the focus on YOU rather than the business. The unique approach I will take will force you to be accountable – not to me, but to your true self so that you discover what really drives and excites you. The goal for this year is to revisit what your true authentic self is so that when you are ‘in your zone’, time stands still and you are truly at your best. You will be in the spotlight and will shine like never before.

Financial Development – knowing how to create wealth and abundance is a mindset that starts somewhere. In this instance, it starts with the New Year’s Resolutions you set for yourself. Each month, you will be reminded about how wealth is created in a variety of different ways to keep you accountable by reminding you that there are MULTIPLE WAYS to achieve financial freedom and independence.

Health, fitness and wellness – being successful is not about making a lot of money and acquiring material things like cars, homes, jewelry and then dropping dead. Real success is about have a lifestyle that others envy – that by definition includes a healthy body, mind and spirit. This subscription will introduce truly remarkable concepts and ideas that you otherwise would never come across – such as Voluntary Simplexity™, Wave Theory™ and RPM™ Goal Setting. The reason you have not heard of these before is because they are being launched in this program for the first time even though I have used them and taught these principles to our most elite Platinum Members.

Personal relationships – The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your personal relationships. For the first time ever, I will reveal some of my most private strategies that has provided me with personal fulfilment and satisfaction that has kept me grounded and grateful for the past 25 years. This component is not about ‘how to double your dates’ or ‘how to prevent a divorce’. It is a holistic approach that encapsulates several sources with a refreshing perspective that you and your partner, family and friends will find playful, engaging and rejuvenating. The best part is that it’s applicable regardless of your marital status, age or economic status.

The weekly e-mails will rotate from month to month, from one dimension to the next, keeping you balanced and diversified in your thinking whilst focused on your New Year’s Resolutions.

Component #3: New Year’s Resolution Report Card

New Year’s Resolution Report CardThis fun format will force you to summarise your New Year’s Resolutions on ONE SHEET OF PAPER so that they are all there, within easy reach since you will be reviewing them a lot more frequently than ever before.

Supplied in a PDF format, you can create a few different versions – I have used this self-reporting format for over 15 years – my results speak for themselves. The thing is ANYONE can get better results if all they do is keep them front and center!

This report card will be used at the end of the year – when you grade yourself, but of course there will be on-going monthly accountability checks along the way – keep reading!

Component #4: Detailed New Year’s Resolution Cards

Detailed New Year’s Resolution CardsFor each one of the 10 New Year’s Resolutions You summarise on your New Year’s Resolution Report Card, you will have a separate card to detail what it actually is in DETAIL and what has to happen for you to know you are on track to achieve it or not. Without these 10 cards, you’re stumbling in the dark and have no idea where you are or where you’re going.

Both the Report and Detailed Cards are strictly confidential – you keep them private and NEVER share them with anyone else.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Component #5: Monthly Online Reporting

Every month, you will need to report on your progress – in a totally confidential survey, you will be asked how you are going, never divulging what your actual New Year’s Resolutions actually are, but how well you are going in achieving them overall and individually.

Ever wonder how others are going with their New Year’s Resolutions? Wonder no longer – we’ll tell you.

Component #6: Monthly Results On Others’ New Year’s Resolution Progress

Every month, we’ll compile the aggregate results of who’s doing what so you STAY MOTIVATED to remain committed and get encouraged that your are not alone, but are part of a smaller and smaller group of achievers who are JUST AS COMMITTED as you are.

You’ll see first-hand how quickly people fall off and lose sight of their goals – not to be competitive and ‘beat them’, but so you know that JUST BY STICKING TO YOUR GOALS, your chances of success skyrocket.

The purpose is for you to become the best that you can be, but let’s face it – a little competition never hurt anyone, in fact it might just be the reason you never really took New Year’s Resolutions that seriously!

Component #7: Share your distinctions and insights with others

Throughout the year, you’ll have a chance to anonymously and confidentially share your thoughts and feelings about the process. This is an important part of the PROCESS you will be learning – the MORE INTERACTIVE you make something, the better the results you will produce.

All interactions will be confidential and anonymous – if you wish to supply a testimonial, you’ll be invited to do so as well.

Component #8: Secret Strategies and Surprises

Every once in a while, I will slip something in the subscription that I come across that I know you’ll enjoy and value. I do this for all my clients, as often as I can.

Everyone loves surprises – especially when it’s something totally unexpected, fun and valuable. These are things I come across that I know you’ll find amusing or otherwise worthwhile. Websites, products, companies, services that I don’t think you’d come across on your own. I have thousands of people who are subscribed to my products and blogs from around the world. They are constantly sending me things that are rare and special. I will only send you the very best – and I know once you start to receive them, you’ll reciprocate with anything you come across for others to enjoy, thus completing the loop!

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A Word of Warning

If you're at all ready to make profound changes in your life and achieve new levels of success and prosperity, no doubt you're about to click the mouse to begin your 52-week program.

But a word of warning:

True success is the product of action. Focused, specific, concentrated ACTION. 

So while, over the next 12 months, I will show you in precise, specific detail EXACTLY the steps you need to take to achieve success, only you can take them.

And only YOU can decide whether 2021 is REALLY going to be Your Best Year Ever.

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Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault
The Exponential Growth Strategist


By the way, if you think you're going to sit back and see what happens – don't sign up. You're wasting your time and frankly mine as well.

This program will NEVER ask you for any personal information, but I am going to keep track of your progress and will report that back to everyone else in the program, live EVERY MONTH.

So only sign up with the commitment and the intent of following through. Woody Allen said it best when he said "90% of success is just showing up." I agree, but then again – the remaining 10% is where all the REWARDS are.

With the INTENT of participating, sign up and see how far you go. The ODDS are against you finishing the program.

Want to know what they are?

They are 4 to 5 AGAINST you.

That's why the rewards are so fantastic – when you are the 1 out of 5, you get the REWARDS of the other 4 who dropped out.

That's life – one of the lessons I will teach you is to use LEVERAGE like this to YOUR advantage without taking anything away from anyone else.

"The life that gets in the way of your dreams is not the life(style) you want to be living." – Dr Marc Dussault.

But here's the thing – with CONCENTRATION OF FOCUS and accountability you can achieve your ultimate dream life and destiny…

It all starts today – sign up and give it an honest go.

"Today's dreams are the foundation for tomorrow's reality." – Dr Marc Dussault.