The Engineer's Dilemma SOLVED:
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business executives and entrepreneurs

From The Drafting Table To The Boardroom Table

ADVANCED Exponential Mindset Leadership Strategies
For Engineers

A 2-day HANDS ON Interactive Workshop

Structured within a Mastermind Experience framework, this HANDS ON workshop will put you in the driver's seat to not just revolutionise how you see your role and responsibility as a leader, within your team, division, company or even the engineering profession, BUT START DOING IT DURING THE WORKSHOP.

This workshop is a Mastermind Experience, a 2-day HANDS ON workshop that involves the interactive, engagement of all workshop participants to another level of interaction.

Not only will the process begin before the workshop takes place, creating an environment of boundless possibility thinking to reveal proactive team building ideas and solutions that will astonish you, the interaction will START with PRIOR to the workshop to ensure that only is everyone on the same page, but everyone will know what each person's page is!

This HANDS ON 2-day workshop goes beyond explanations and exercises into the realm of real problem solving and team dynamics – still WITHOUT confrontation or provocation.

Specific exercises will SPOTLIGHT why the skills, aptitudes and training that makes an engineer a brilliant designer stops him/her from being a successful entrepreneur or business executive by HIGHLIGHTING REAL LIFE CASE STUDY EXAMPLES with actual workshop participants.

Not to worry, you will not be put on-the-spot, ridiculed or embarrassed. An Exponential MasterMind Experience elicits solutions and breakthroughs in a collaborative, helpful and consensual way. That is not to say there is no intensity, drama or passion involved, quite the contrary.

You will learn “Game Excellence” as opposed to playing an “Excellent Game”. Everyone, especially leaders, know that to play your best is not hard, but to play your best consistently day in, day out is the mark of a true professional.

In this workshop, you will learn the difference between a mentor, advisor, coach, guide, supporter and advocate as well as where each one sits in the hierarchy of influential and persuasive leadership.

This revolutionary workshop is led by Expert MasterMind Facilitator, Dr Marc Dussault, an engineer and Exponential Growth Strategist.

This two-day, intensive HANDS ON workshop includes Pre Program Preparation™, a collection of homework assignments to be completed prior to attending the workshop as well as Post Program Planning™ to be implemented following the workshop.

The Pre Program Preparation™ for this HANDS ON 2-day workshop not only ensures that everyone starts the workshop ready to learn and apply the principles DURING the workshop removing the standard, boring lecture format associated with traditional content delivery, but also we're all aware of who's in the room and what each person is looking to achieve at the workshop and beyond.

The content and exercises of this HANDS ON 2-day workshop will be tailored to the participants so that they are relevant, useful and practical.

This process alone is worth the price of admission to this event for a team leader who wants to out-produce and out-perform his peers and/or the competition. Let me say that again.

We're going to take more than a dozen 'strangers' get them to know each other and within two days achieve their outcomes without endless meetings, discussions and bureaucratic red tape. The process will be simple, efficient and effective. Best of all it will be non-intrusive and each person can decide his/her level of involvement with NO PRESSURE or UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS.

Imagine learning how to do that with your team? How different would your results be...

The Post Program Planning™ for this HANDS ON event will begin on the second day of the event with an action plan to be followed up with a carefully selected series of exercises to ensure that you go back into your team, division or company with clearly defined action steps that you can implement that start to create IMMEDIATE results.

Because this is a HANDS ON workshop, you will, with the benefit of the workshop participants, be guided toward SPECIFIC outcomes that supplement the 1-day pre-requisite workshop learnings into the cold, harsh reality of your every day business life DURING THE WORKSHOP. That means you'll be able to test and fine tune your approach, making mistakes without penalty.

That means you'll be able to take the back the refined approach back to your office where your improved results will be acknowledged and rewarded accordingly.

Consider this a training run, a test drive if you will. With no downside, only upside potential.

The Exponential Mindset Leadership Strategies you will acquire to help you create, manage and lead high performance teams in this 2-Day HANDS ON Exponential Leadership Mindset Strategies For Engineers Workshop include:

  • Get your team to self-manage itself with MINIMAL intervention and managerial interference – consider it a team, self-regulating auto-pilot system.
  • Lead with direction and authority without accepting the additional burden of roles and responsibilities that create undue stress and pressure.
  • A unique technique to compress weeks and months of mind-numbing meetings into a 2-3 hour process that gets better results without confrontation.
  • How to determine your leadership style so you leverage your key strengths, minimise your weaknesses, but also lead with enigmatic authenticity, infectious passion and admirable conviction.
  • Reduce stress whilst substantially improving results by understanding how delegation affects responsibility, transparency and accountability.
  • Turn a back-breaking effort-based leadership style into a value-based approach that allows you to transcend the physical limitations of the exertion of your personal effort to produce results and outcomes that baffle your peers.
  • Discover how the Mindset Of A Champion can apply to you as a team leader. The strategies and techniques used by elite athletes apply to you within the business arena. Several will be highlighted with entertaining anecdotes that transform complex strategies into simple and easy to understand metaphors that will demonstrate how you, as a leader can do the same with your team.
  • Together Everyone Achieves More – T.E.A.M. Everyone preaches that the total is greater than the sum of the parts, but that's always “easier said than done” unless you know the missing link secret that once revealed will unlock hidden potential that is right there within your existing team.

This 2-day HANDS ON workshop is a fun, easy-going, but intense experience. It's aimed at engineers and engineering professionals who don't just want to extend and expand their sphere of influence into the realm of personal leadership, but be the leaders amongst leaders.

This 2-day HANDS ON workshop is for the elite super achievers who KNOW they want to be way ahead of the pack, stand out way above the crowd.

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop admission is strictly limited in numbers.

Designed to accommodate super achievers, you need to register for this advanced workshop as soon as possible.

You don't want to miss the 2-day Advanced Exponential Mindset Leadership Strategies Workshop if...

  • You want to get into a leadership position to get on a fast track career path. The techniques and strategies revealed will help you run up the corporate ladder two rungs at a time.
  • You are in a leadership position, but you’re languishing in the role because the added responsibility (chores) and authority (bureaucratic paper work and red tape) are not rewarding you sufficiently for the effort your putting in (countless over time hours). There is a better way to get things done with less effort.
  • You are currently successful in a leadership position, but you know that continuous improvement is the mark of a leader. A true leader leads from the front. That means acquiring cutting edge strategies, techniques and methodologies like the Exponential Leadership Mindset Strategies that will place you in the top 5 to 10% of leaders.

Or you want to make sure you attend if…

  • You are a super achiever who is a little disappointed with your results so far. The techniques and strategies you will get a chance to practice at this workshop will give you a quick start to get ON the corporate ladder's fast track so you can make up for lost time. Leaders know that it's not how many times you fall down that counts, it's how many times you get up and what you do once you've learned the lesson.
  • You are already on the fast track, but realise that others are gaining on you. Because this is a race with diminishing positions available at the top of the pyramid, if anyone is gaining on you, it's because he or she knows there is a better way to get things done with less effort. You need to learn how to get and stay ahead without killing yourself working overtime – that is not a recipe for success.
  • You want work-life balance without compromising your results. This HANDS ON workshop is led by Exponential Growth Strategist Dr Marc Dussault whose exemplary corporate and professional career INCLUDES having a lifestyle as an international traveller who has visited 36 countries, has not had a sick day on the past 20 years and is now a top 20 world-ranked masters squash player, sharing this with his wife of 25 years. He is living proof that you can have it all – but the proviso is that you adopt an Exponential Mindset which necessitates fully understanding the concept of leverage.
  • You want to be part of something bigger, more meaningful. As we know, engineering is not a profession, it's a calling. Something we do because it's who we are. It's our purpose, our destiny. Society has entrusted us to build and design buildings, bridges, roads, cities, communication systems, life-saving technologies, you name it, an engineer designed and built it. That being said, one smart person in a lab doesn't create a revolution, a paradigm shift. People do. Engineers are often at the leading edge of innovation yet trail at the tail end of economic and social rewards because they lack their leadership skills and business acumen are inferior to their analytical skills. This workshop will help you transition from a technical to an entrepreneurial engineer.

Please register as soon as possible. The workshop's Pre Program Preparation™ rewards early registrants with additional exercises and bonuses that are removed at the last minute.

Because of the HANDS ON component of the 2-DAY workshop, we can only accommodate a limited number of participants to ensure that you get to actively participate. Once the room is filled, we can't expand it to accommodate additional registrants. The nature and content of workshops like this are so powerful that they usually sell out quickly.

Don't get left behind.

Ideally, you will have attended the 3-hour workshop “Slide Rule Thinking In The Internet Age” as a precursor to this event. The principles and strategies included in this 3-hour session are not repeated within the Leadership workshop.

As a leader, you know it's not necessary to learn everything your team learns, but you also recognise that NOT knowing cutting edge stuff like this puts you at a substantial disadvantage BECAUSE an Exponential Mindset is a KEY component of leadership.

First you lead in your mind, then your body, followed by your team.

It all starts with you. Register now and make things happen like never before.

"I can now improve my communication
with others by leaps and bounds"
Lesley Liu

"For some time, I have been having trouble connecting with a businessman who supplies our firm with great products to sell to our clients. I’ve been frustrated because he didn't trust us to sell his products nor has he shown us the respect we deserve.

It got to the point where I got into arguments with him and almost ended the business relationship several times, but didn’t because he had great products that suit our clients’ needs.

In this leadership course, Marc introduced us to personality profiling techniques that demonstrate how different people communicate. With this newfound awareness, I can now improve my communication with others by leaps and bounds. 

This and other tools opened up my self-awareness and understanding of others including my dealings with this businessman. I no longer think of him in a negative light, instead with the tools that Marc gave me, I feel confident I will gain his trust and will sell a lot of his products to our clients to the benefit all parties involved. Thanks again Marc for the major breakthrough!"

Lesley Liu

Invest once to learn the skill that will
pay you for a lifetime!

Attend the Exponential Mindset Leadership Strategies
For Engineers

From The Drafting Table To
The Boardroom Table

for just $2,970.


Date / Time: 20th-21st May, 2010
9AM - 5PM
(registration from 8.30AM)
Venue: CBD venue to be advised


Date / Time: 27th-28th May, 2010
9AM - 5PM
(registration from 8.30AM)
Venue: CBD venue to be advised


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