3 Reasons Why Improving Your Posture May Help to Make You Better at Your Job

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There are so many different bits of advice out there about how to improve your performance at your job, that you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed.

With an endless supply of books on productivity, tidbits of advice, marketing strategies, and more, sometimes what you really need in order to start making a positive change at your job, is a selection of straightforward actionable steps.

As far as actionable steps go, there’s very little out there as straightforward as improving your posture. It can be achieved by, at most, simply purchasing some comfortable office saddle stools, and remembering to sit upright.

At the same time, though, your posture can have a significant impact on how you perform at your job.

Here are a few reasons why improving your posture may help to make you better at your job.

Because a more self-assured and upright posture changes your hormone balance to make you more confident

One of the strangest findings about posture has been that when people assume a more upright and confident posture, the levels of different hormones circulating in their blood actually change.

Among other things, testosterone increases, and the levels of stress hormones decrease.

A more self-assured and upright posture, in other words, directly contributes to making you more confident both in and out of the office. And, of course, people who are more confident, professionally speaking, are more likely to take chances, and to be proactive, and to make a positive impression on their employers.

Because better posture can make you more energetic and inspired during the workday

Slouch down in your chair right now, and wait for a minute or so. Do you feel more energetic, or less?

Then, sit upright with your chest out. Now, do you feel more energetic, or less?

Your posture has a significant impact on how energetic you feel, and that’s a big part of the reason why standing desks have become so popular in recent times. When you’re standing upright you are, automatically, in a more action-oriented posture, and so naturally feel more energetic.

The more energetic and switched on you feel, the more creative and inspired you are bound to be during the workday.

Because prospective customers and clients are likely to respond to you better, if you have better posture

For better or for worse, appearances matter quite a lot in business, and so too does presentation.

If you have a role that involves interacting with prospective customers and clients face-to-face, then your posture is likely to make a significant impact on how those prospective customers and clients perceive you.

Specifically, better, more upright posture will signal confidence and trustworthiness, whereas slouched and unhealthy posture will send the impression that you are lacking in confidence, are perhaps less trustworthy, and are ultimately not convincing enough to carry the pitch.

Even if your role doesn’t involve interacting with prospective customers and clients face-to-face, though, you can be sure that anyone else who you to interact with in a professional context will think better of you, if your posture is better.

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