3 Reasons Why It’s Essential That You Learn to Work Smart

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If you are an entrepreneur, you’re probably well aware of the idea that it’s important to “work hard” in the pursuit of your goals, in order to actually make headway and turn your dreams into reality.

But “hard work” by itself, while certainly being necessary at times,  is rarely – if ever – enough to actually ensure that you succeed in a business venture, or in many other domains of your life, for that matter.

Working “smart” is extremely important, and more and more people are becoming aware of this reality in the contemporary business world. Here are just a few reasons why it’s essential that you learn to work smart, instead of just focusing on working hard.

Because many people work as hard as you can imagine, and end up with virtually nothing to show for it

Do you think that you work harder than a Third World coal miner? Likely not – but it’s almost a certainty that you make far more money than that coal miner would, and enjoy a significantly higher quality of life.

There are many people in the world who work as hard as you can imagine, and nonetheless end up with virtually nothing to show for it. Clearly, “hard work” in and of itself isn’t a magic formula that leads inevitably to success and prosperity.

Among other things, hard work has to be applied in an area where it can bear proper fruit. The right context needs to be present, the right skill sets need to be leveraged, and more.

While the example given above is dramatic, it’s certainly possible for an entrepreneur to work themselves to the point of death while nonetheless ending up with very little to show for it. In these cases, it’s other factors that make all the difference.

Because it’s very unlikely that what differentiates you from your competition will be “hard work”

In most industries today, competition is fierce, and you can more or less rest assured that “hard work” is not much of a distinguishing feature between many of the most dominant companies out there.

The “secret” is that, at a high level, everyone is likely to be working hard. “Hard work” is better seen as a baseline than a distinguishing factor.

In other words, if you manage to edge your way past the competition, it will likely be because of strategy, innovation, and other factors. It almost certainly won’t be because you were working harder than them.

Because time is one of your most vital assets, and more effective tools and strategies can make yours go infinitely further

Time is one of our most valuable assets – in life, and in business alike. No matter how brilliant your plans may be, if you lack the time to properly execute them – or if your time management is poor in general – nothing is likely to come of it.

Techniques for “working smart” frequently work wonders for our time management, by allowing us to get more done, more quickly than ever before.

By comparison, people who are “working hard,” but who aren’t exercising good time management, may simply be unable to compete effectively. As an explanatory metaphor, just consider the difference between someone using a piece of equipment such as a Steamaster steam cleaner to remove dirt from a carpet, versus someone trying to do it by hand with a bucket and a sponge.

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