4 Things You Need At A Networking Event

Photo Under Creative Commons License

Photo Under Creative Commons License

Networking events are extremely valuable opportunities for all who attend. They are a great way to meet new people in your field and to make new connections that may help you in the future. However, it is not just enough to show up to these events; you should also be marketing your business or brand to the other attendees as effectively as possible. If you are attending such an event soon and you are feeling a little bit intimidated, here are four things you should have in your back pocket to help you get through it and make some good impressions.

1. Pens

There are plenty of promotional items on which you can put your business’s name, but the most popular of these would probably be the trusty pen. People love free pens, and even if they just toss the pen into their stationery drawer, there is a good chance it will be used at some point in time. Pens are also useful at networking events because people often forget to bring their own writing implements. If you think you might want some customised pens for your upcoming event, specialists in promotional products, such as Adcall, can help you out.

2. Business Cards

The good old trusty business card needs to be a staple in your business arsenal, and they are great to hand out at networking events as well. It will usually have all your details on it, including your name, mobile phone number, email address, and possibly a very brief overview of what your business is all about. Don’t be afraid to offer cards to people, though you will find that interested parties will usually ask for one anyway.

3. Name Badges

It can be awkward to continually ask for people’s names, and these events are usually quite busy and crowded, so chances are you probably won’t have the brain power to remember anyone’s name with any clarity. This is where name badges come in handy – you can either print these and have them ready or get attendees to create their own (if you’re the organiser). Either way, these are often a must-have at networking events.

4. Confidence

This might sound a bit cheesy and a little obvious, but confidence goes a long way at these sorts of events. Don’t be afraid of rejection, and don’t be afraid to approach people you want to talk to. You can gain an enormous amount of experience and knowledge from networking events, and you don’t want to squander that just because you lack that little bit of confidence.

These are only four of the many things you need at a networking event. If you are apprehensive about hosting or attending such an event, ask your friends or colleagues if they have ever been to one. Ask them for advice and then take it on board – good luck!

Do you often attend networking events? Do you coordinate these types of gatherings? Is there anything that you think would be essential for such an event? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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