5 Things bosses can do to Improve their employees’ performance

As a leader within your company you have to wear a lot of different hats. One of them is as the Human Resources Director. Here are 5 things you can do to help improve employee performance.

#1 Enhance Communication


Communication is one of the most important tools for ensuring success. When (problem) issues arise, it’s most likely because one or more employees weren’t properly informed about something. To make sure that hiccups arise as little as possible, when you hold your regular meetings to talk about their performance, ask them if something is happening that shouldn’t be. You’d be surprised at how many suggestions you will get by asking for a solution rather than blaming or pointing a finger at the employee(s). they are on the front line and if they need additional information (training), make sure they get it.

#2 Talk About the Big Picture

Similarly, talking to your employees about the wider scope of the business can enhance their performance in many ways. Surprisingly, many employees admit they aren’t aware of the wider aspects of their company beyond their role or division. By introducing them to your overall strategy, goals and business plan, each person can then understand his or her role and contribution to the company’s outcome. Otherwise you will suffer from a disjointed, uncoordinated group of people rowing in different (often opposite) directions.

#3 Provide Training

If it appears that some of your employees aren’t reaching the performance standards you require, consider using additional training. It’s easier for you to work with people that you know,and are easy to work with, than to look for new employees and start from scratch. If you don’t have a career development plan for your employees, they will have one for themselves which will be to work for someone else!

#4 Raise Morale

Enthusiasm and morale within the workplace are essential for employees to  feel safe, comfortable and ultimately, enthusiastic to reach their/your goals. This doesn’t have to involve expensive, time consuming planning and effort, often a casual and friendly approach with staff, treating them like your friends is usually sufficient within the realm of professionalism. Being too casual or informal can be counter-productive.

#5 Stay Open to Criticism

During regular performance reviews or general staff meetings, open the table for discussions and give everyone a chance to contribute. Ultimately, to ensure the enthusiasm of your employees, regularly ask them to voice any complaints they may have about the company and the way it is run. But allowing them to be open and honest about the way that they feel, you open the gates for constructive discussion that may have previously been barred due to fear or uncertainty about the consequences.

Always remember your employees’ performance is a direct representation of your performance as their boss. If you’re doing your job properly and sincerely care for your employees, your business should run smoothly. However, if things aren’t working as well as they could be, consider these 5 things to improve their performance. For more information about ensuring success and your role as an employer visit axcelerate.com.au.

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  • Some great points. Especially #2 – we have found that letting all the guys know what is coming up and where we are planning on taking the company has opened up a lot of opportunities that we didn’t know existed within our team.

    To take it a step earlier in the process, you should have all of these ideas at front of your mind when hiring employees too – do you think they will be open to the points above? They should be.
    We put together a document that can help when trying to get a new team of employees together – its based on engineering projects, but it is relevant to any employer looking to hire some new people.

    Feel free to download it here: Building a Project Team,.

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